This Joker Photo Shared By Jared Leto Has Us Totally Freaked Out

Suicide Squad will be packed with plenty of super villains, but none frighten us more than Jared Leto's Joker. All the reports, images and previews released indicate that we may be getting the most disturbing live action take of the Clown Prince of Crime yet, both on camera and off. Leto shot most, if not all, of his Joker scenes last year, but to make sure we're still on our toes for the cackling murderer, he recently posted a creepy selfie of himself Jokered up.

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The actor's latest photo on Instagram shows him transformed back into The Joker, with the white complexion, green hair, red lips and one of the tattoos (but no teeth work). The blurriness is a nice touch, making it look like he was psychotically laughing while taking the picture. The caption simply has emojis of a snake, cactus, battery, heart and asterisk, all of which are green. Could he be subtly hinting something to the fans. Maybe, but it's more likely that he's just embracing Joker's natural chaotic personality by posting random symbols in one of his favorite colors. We're not sure if he recently took this picture or if it was from principal photography, but either way, we're freaked out by this selfie.

Jared Leto is the fourth actor to play The Joker in a live action movie, following Caesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. By now, most people who have been following Suicide Squad news are familiar with how method Leto went to play the longtime Batman villain, never breaking character and even sending bizarre gifts to his cast-mates. While this may have resulted in one of his best performances yet, it also understandably disturbed a few people. Joker's involvement in Suicide Squad will mainly revolve around his relationship with Harley Quinn, like how he corrupted her and his later attempt to reunite with her when she's on a mission with Task Force X.

DC and Warner Bros haven't announced any plans for Joker post-Suicide Squad, but given the villain's notoriety, it's more likely than not he'll appear in the DCEU again. Last month, Jared Leto posted a picture from London, leading some people to speculate if he was there to shoot some scenes as Joker in Justice League. That has yet to be confirmed, but even if it were true, given how the heroes will have their hands full battling Steppenwolf, it would have to be just a cameo. Still, with a new Batman movie on the way and Suicide Squad possibly getting a sequel, it will be easy enough to fit Leto in somewhere if they're keen on using him again.

You can see Jared Leto's Joker in action when Suicide Squad charges into theaters on August 5.

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