New Suicide Squad Video Shines The Spotlight On Will Smith’s Deadshot

Suicide Squad boasts a lot of super villains, but some rank higher than others in terms of popularity. One of the more prominent players in the movie is Will Smith's Deadshot, the DC universe's most accurate assassin. Following yesterday's focus on Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad is now shining the spotlight on the marksman in a new promo, giving fans a taste of his life in prison and his skills out in the field.

Deadshot, a.k.a. Floyd Lawton, may be an expert with firearms, but that doesn't mean he was never going to be captured by the authorities. In this new Suicide Squad preview, prison life clearly isn't going well for the hitman, judging by the ingredients in that dinner loaf. Unfortunately for Floyd, he's stuck in Belle Reve without any of his weapons, so threatening the guard who delivered his "special" dinner is just going to get him beaten up. Fortunately for him, just like most of the movie's other villains, he'll soon get the chance to earn some leniency when Amanda Waller recruits him into Task Force X...not that he has much of a choice.

After being given his trademark wrist guns, costume, targeting eye piece and more, Deadshot will head out with the likes of Harley Quinn (who he will develop a special connection with), Boomerang, Diablo and other notorious baddies to battle the mysterious antagonist known as The Adversary. However, it's not just criminals who are on the team. They'll be overseen by Rick Flag and Katana, and Floyd Lawton clearly doesn't get along with the former in this video. Whether they resolve their differences by the end or cooperate with each other simply for missions purposes, they and the other Squad members will be fighting to stay alive and complete their objective, not necessarily in that order of importance.

Just like his comic book counterpart, Will Smith's Deadshot may be an assassin willing to kill anyone for the right price, but he isn't completely coldhearted. The movie will also feature Floyd's daughter, and even though he hasn't given up the criminal life, he'll be trying to "do right by her" in the movie. Smith also revealed a little while back that Deadshot will share a couple scenes with Batman, including a fight (which we're guessing is a flashback) and something more "emotional." While Suicide Squad will have quite a few bodies dropping over its two hour and 10 minute runtime, it's a good bet Deadshot will make it out of the movie alive and will return for the sequel.

The DCEU's Deadshot will take aim when Suicide Squad is released in theaters on August 5.

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