Suicide Squad Has Just Confirmed Another Superhero Appearance

The following story contains a MAJOR SPOILER for Suicide Squad. Read at your own risk.

We've known from almost the very beginning that Batman would be making his second DC movie appearance in Suicide Squad. However, we now know that he's not the only hero who will be featured in the film. After recent rumors began to swirl about that Suicide Squad would see an additional superhero cameo, the official credits have been released by Warner Bros., and right there, in black and white, is the name of the hero and the actor. This is your last chance. If you don't want to know, you can hang out with the above guys that you already knew were in the movie. All good? Okay, here we go!

The official credits of Suicide Squad confirm that Ezra Miller will be making an appearance in the film as The Flash. What's more, it appears that we'll be seeing him fairly early in the proceedings, and exactly in the spot where we thought we would. The rumors that The Flash would appear in Suicide Squad started earlier this week after fans who analyzed the film's San Diego Comic-Con footage found this picture of Boomerang being blasted back by a flash of lightning.

When compared to the shots of Ezra Miller's super speed that were shown in the Justice League footage, they look very similar. We can now confirm with a fairly high degree of certainty that this is exactly what's happening. Not only is Ezra Miller listed in the film's credits as The Flash, but the cast is listed "in order of appearance" and The Flash is listed immediately after Boomerang. What's more, we can also guess that this scene will be fairly early in the movie, as The Flash is listed prior to other members of the Squad itself, like Killer Croc, Diablo or Rick Flag.

If we were going to make some educated guesses here (and we are) we'd surmise that Suicide Squad will open with a series of scenes showing how each member of the team ended up being locked up in the first place. Boomerang, who is traditionally a nemesis of The Flash, was apparently caught by him. After we see Boomerang get nabbed, we'll move on to scenes where we see Killer Croc and Diablo get grabbed.

Of course, for as many things as the credits list answers, it still asks other questions. For one, neither Batman nor Ben Affleck are listed anywhere. Considering Batman is the one hero that the trailers have shown us, having him uncredited seems odd. Maybe Affleck isn't actually in the movie and Batman is just portrayed by a stuntman? It goes against much of what we've heard, but without knowing for sure, anything is possible.

This will make The Flash's second cameo in as many movies. Will he have a scene next year in Wonder Woman too? Probably not, but he will for sure return for Justice League in late 2017, followed by his solo movie in March 2018.

Dirk Libbey
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