How A Batman Wannabe Went Rogue In Seattle


Every once in a while, you hear about people who try to be real life superheroes. This is almost one of those stories, only something got lost in the translation. A guy in Seattle was closer to a supervillain than a superhero, as he recently had a run-in with the local police. Things took a turn, however, when he tried to evade them by throwing a homemade Batarang at the police car.

The unnamed 23-year-old man appears to have had an entire arsenal of weapons. The entire event started when the gentlemen allegedly threatened a bouncer at a Capitol Hill area bar with a long pole and a knife strapped to the end. When the police arrived the man took to his heels. The police gave chase in an SUV, which is when this guy went all Dark Knight on them, throwing "a sharp, Batman-style throwing star" at the car, which lodged in the front of the vehicle. He apparently forgot his smoke bombs and grapnel though, as the police eventually caught the man. According to People, the man has been charged with assault and may potentially face additional weapons charges. This is not surprising. Between the Batarang and the knife on a pole, this guy apparently likes interesting weapons. We're still waiting to hear if he was carrying a full sized broadsword in case The Gathering started.

We're not sure exactly what this guy was thinking, but we have to hand it to him. If you check out the Seattle PD images of the item that People has, it appears to be a very well constructed Christopher Nolan style Batarang. The problem with that, of course, is that the thing looks incredibly dangerous. If it was able to puncture the front of an SUV, we hate to consider what it could have done to a person. Doesn't this guy know that Batman doesn't kill people? If he wanted to do that, he should have made a Ben Affleck Batarang replica.

We're guessing the gentleman in question in Seattle was not a billionaire trying to save the streets of his city. If anything, this sounds like the sort of Batman story where somebody thinks Batman has gone bad because they found a Batarang at the scene of a crime. This guy was obviously trying to frame Batman for a crime he did not commit. We expect at some point the real Batman will arrive in Seattle to clear his good name. Ok, probably not.

Dirk Libbey
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