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With the Marvel Cinematic Universe already spanning 13 movies, and DC getting into the fray with the launch of their Extended Universe, it appears that there are only going to be more and more comic book adaptations in the next few years. One actor that has been noticeably absent from superhero adventures is Matt Damon, unless you're counting Jason Bourne's ability to kill everyone who gets in his way.

Matt Damon recently did an appearance of Kevin Smith and AMC's show Geeking Out, where he was the guest on the Comic-Con special. During his chat with the comic book aficionado, Damon was asked to read some lines of dialogue from popular comic book pages. The heroes that Smith chose for Damon were largely those who haven't been brought to the DCEU or MCU yet. Damon killed all of the readings, but perhaps the most impressive was his take on Green Arrow. Luckily for us, artist Boss Logic took it upon himself to make a concept art with Damon as Green Arrow, and it's glorious. Check it out below.

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I mean, come on. Boss Logic's rendering of Matt Damon as Green Arrow is enough to make any DC fan have at least a mini nerdgasm.

Although Matt Damon has yet to be in a superhero movie, he's certainly booked a ton of action-adventure work. He is known for bringing the character Jason Bourne to life on the big screen, starting up a massively successful action franchise. He's recently stepped back into Bourne's shoes to team-up with director Paul Greengrass for another adventure in Jason Bourne, which is in theaters now. I guess he was Bourne for that role.

Besides Jason Bourne, Matt Damon is also going to be seen rocking a bow and arrow in the already controversial The Great Wall. And although Damon's casting has brought up another important conversation about whitewashing in Hollywood, it could very well prepare him to play Oliver Queen on the silver screen. If he's already had training with a bow and arrow, he could definitely kick some DC ass in the future.

Check out the full clip of Matt Damon reading Kevin Smith's sides below.

Matt Damon possibly playing Green Arrow makes quite a bit of sense. Damon has never stated that he wouldn't do a superhero movie, but that pretty much all of the good characters have already been taken. Green Arrow; however, has a pretty massive following thanks to the successful CW series Arrow. Additionally, being inducted into the DC Extended Universe would give Damon a chance to work with his long time buddy and collaborator Ben Affleck. Batfleck has been taking a more active role within the DCEU, appearing in Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League- in addition to signing on to direct and star in a Batman solo movie. If anyone could convince Damon to come to the DC side of things, it's Affleck.

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