After two movies starring some the biggest heroes in both DC Comics history and pop culture in general, the DC Extended Universe is continuing with Suicide Squad, where bad guys will be the ones saving the world. By now, nearly everyone reading this is familiar with the premise either from previous experience or from the movie's previews and reports. Incarcerated super villains are sent on dangerous missions by the U.S. government. Succeed, and they'll have time cut off their sentences. Fail or be captured, and they'll die. The has been around for a long time in the comics and other media, but this movie marks their chance to shine in front of the biggest audience yet.

There's a couple days left until the Suicide Squad movie is released, but that's still enough time to sneak in extra Suicide Squad material if you're so inclined. Whether you're a longtime comic book fan or just want to learn more about the team, we've gathered the five best stories to look at that exemplify what makes the Squad cool and unique in the DC universe, no matter what continuity.

Suicide Squad Vol. 1 (1987)

Although the Suicide Squad has existed since 1959, but in those early days, it was just a military team that fought monsters. Writer John Ostrander established the modern interpretation of the Suicide Squad, taking inspiration from the 1967 movie The Dirty Dozen. Using Rick Flag Jr. as the connection to the original Squad, Ostrander's run remains the definitive influence for all Suicide Squad material released afterwards. For years, this series was only accessible in back issues or through digital means, but in anticipation of the movie, DC started it in trade paperbacks, the first one titled "Trial by Fire." Most of the main players are the same ones from the movie (with costume differences, obviously), and the now-infamous Squad elements are laid out almost immediately as they go on their first mission to battle the terrorist organization Onslaught. If you like these first issues, three more volumes have been published, and Vol. 5 arrives in December.

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