Here’s What Dylan O’Brien Looks Like After His Maze Runner Injuries

Several months ago, we were all shocked when the star of The Maze Runner series was part of a terrible accident on the set of the most recent film. While everything we've heard was that Dylan O'Brien would be ok, now we've finally got a look at him. He apparently walked into a Jamba Juice where one of the employees was a big fan, and she got a photo with the actor. We're impressed she recognized him.

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Following Dylan O'Brien's accident earlier this year, when he was run over by a car on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, production was halted to allow for the actor's recovery. We can guess from this photo that he hasn't returned to filming yet; it's unlikely that beard is part of his on-screen character. It looks suspiciously like the sort of beard a person grows when they're not worrying about their facial hair and don't need to be reporting on set. He'll presumably shave it when the shoot resumes, whenever that is.

Of course, there's possibly another, more utilitarian, use for the beard: it may be hiding scars. Amongst the several broken bones that Dylan O'Brien suffered were reportedly several in the face. If he does have any scars, they are certainly being covered up here, but overall he looks remarkably good. It's not obvious from this picture that anything happened to him at all, nevermind the intense trauma he suffered. When the accident that took O'Brien out happened in March, it was felt that he'd be back at it by May. Unfortunately, the film was placed on indefinite hold for O'Brien's recovery, and we have yet to hear anything about the film starting back up. While it wouldn't take the guy in the picture above very much time with a hairdresser to look like his old Maze Runner self, it may still be quite some time before we get there.

A couple months ago the release date for Maze Runner: The Death Cure was officially pushed back from early 2017 into 2018. While the need to push the date back was due to Dylan O'Brien's injuries, once that decision was made the studio apparently felt that an early year release was still best for the film. The upside of that is O'Brien has even more time to heal, but it does push back the return to filing as well. At this point, it appears that O'Brien may go make another movie, American Assassin, before he heads back to finish up Death Cure.

What do you think of Dylan O'Brien's new look? Should he keep it?

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