Jared Leto Slips Back Into His Joker For This Extremely Bizarre Suicide Squad Music Video

The latest movie in the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad, finally hit theaters last night and one of its biggest talking points has been The Joker. He was a huge focus in most of the promotional material, so it only makes sense that the character gets his own music video, too. If you liked Jared Leto's portrayal of the iconic DC villain, then you'll definitely want to give this video a look. If you didn't like him, then you should still watch it because it's just so bonkers. Check it out below.

The song "Purple Lamborghini" is performed by Skrillex and Rick Ross, and features plenty of shots of Jared Leto in character as The Joker. The song is named after The Joker's purple Lamborghini, which you can see both in this music video and in the film itself. The car got a lot of attention early on in Suicide Squad's production after it was revealed in set photos that it was involved in some kind of chase scene with Ben Affleck's Batman. The song is less about the car and more about what a gangster Joker is, both literally and perhaps spiritually.

And what a gangster he is! He strolls into a club (that's also a crime scene?) with a walking stick and dressed to the nines in a tuxedo - which he does wear for a bit in the movie. The video is just as bizarre as the main character himself. The Joker is flanked by Skrillex for most of the video, who's like his wingman or something? They mostly just walk around making sure everything is up to snuff. There's also a fair amount of time spent standing on the front of a speedboat with Joker just staring out into the abyss. The video feels pretty aimless and confusing, but the Joker is kind of that way too so maybe it's all a deliberate creative choice. The shirtless fat man is definitely someone who would be in Joker's crew, though.

Jared Leto was always in character as the Clown Prince of Crime while on the set of Suicide Squad and you have to wonder if he did the same thing while filming this video. (He laughed in some girls face, so it's probably a safe bet). Did he send Skrillex any rats or used condoms as a thank you for making the song and video? People have been fairly mixed on Leto's performance, both praising and condemning his role in the film. Whatever you're feelings about The Joker's place in Suicide Squad, you can't say that Leto didn't go all in.

Suicide Squad is written and directed by David Ayer and the film is out in theaters right now.

Matt Wood

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