How Seth Rogen Really Feels About His Beef With Katherine Heigl

Knocked Up

Many, many years ago, actress Katherine Heigl said some less than flattering things about a movie that she was in. This has led to what is perceived as a long-term grudge between her and Seth Rogen. Now, the actor has spoken out about the whole thing from his point-of-view. He says he was never that upset by her comments, to begin with, and all these years later, he really doesn't care anymore.

The story goes back an astounding eight years, where Katherine Heigl was asked about sexism is regards to her character in the comedy Knocked Up. At the time, she made some comments that seemed to imply that she really didn't like the movie very much, due to its overly broad representations of the characters including women as humorless shrews. However, a few months ago the actress was on The Howard Stern Show and she said her comments were taken out of context, and that she didn't necessarily feel the way the quote implied. Recently, Seth Rogen was a guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and was asked how he felt about the whole thing. As it turns out, he doesn't really remember most of the thing.

No, I was never mad. I was never that mad, honestly. ... Honestly it was so long ago and I've damaged my brain so badly in the few last years I have a hard time recalling what it's about or who was supposed to be mad at who? I have no bad feelings towards her at all. Honestly.

To be clear, Seth Rogen does remember the issue. He brings it up that Katherine Heigl appeared to not like the work that they had done together. However, that doesn't mean that he really held a grudge in any way. Lots of people have made movies that they ended up not being proud of for numerous reasons. We're sure Seth Rogen has felt that way occasionally. While this may seem like nothing, Heigl also told Howard Stern that she once got the cold shoulder from Rogen following her comments, so at one point this issue does appear to have been legitimate.

Whether or not Katherine Heigl was really upset with Knocked Up all those years ago, and has just mellowed, or whether she was truly taken out of context, it does appear that she truly doesn't believe what those words implied back then. For his part, Seth Rogen appears to have forgotten there was a problem until somebody else brought it up. We can probably close the book on this "celebrity feud."

Is this feud over and done? Is there a sequel to Knocked Up in our future now that the two have apparently made up? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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