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Superhero movies and shared universes are everywhere right now. In the years since 2008's Iron Man launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe and changed the world of Hollywood franchises forever, we've seen a seemingly never ending supply of superheroic adventures hit the silver screen. And while comic book movies seem to be the main breadwinner for filmmaking studios, they're not all winners. Case in point: 2015's Fantastic Four.

Despite high expectations and a hopeful fanbase of Marvel nuts, Fantastic Four was a pretty disastrous movie. It made very little profit while also receiving awful reviews, leading many to believe that the budding new franchise was dead before it started. But now it appears that one of the film's stars isn't quite done. Miles Teller (aka Mr. Fantastic) recently spoke to about the future of Fantastic Four, and why he'd still like to return for a sequel.

I loved the cast, I loved the characters. I think it's such an interesting dynamic. I love how much they really need to rely on each other. This Avengers thing, they've kind of created their own Fantastic Four in a way, Marvel's first family. Their powers can't just exist on their own, you need Thor to do this, the Hulk to do his thing. So yeah, absolutely, I would do another one.

The man does make sense. Despite the first venture being so universally loathed, there are some strong points (in theory) to another Fantastic Four movie.

To start, the cast of Fantastic Four is pretty... fantastic. In addition to Miles Teller (Whiplash, Divergent), the film also starred Michael B. Jordan (Creed), Kate Mara (House of Cards), and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) who form the titular team. This stellar cast is largely what helped make Fantastic Four so anticipated before its release. With a big budget, cool effects, and these all-stars bringing Marvel's first family to life, it should have been a great movie. Unfortunately, it definitely was not.

There is also something to say about how the Fantastic Four is truly a unit. While the MCU has The Avengers teaming up once every few years, they're not actually a team for the majority of each phase. The Fantastic Four; however, are almost always united in their adventures and crime-fighting. Their powers compliment each other and they should be able to unite their specific abilities in order to help bring down their enemies.

Miles Teller's eagerness to return to Reed Richards' stretchy shoes is still pretty surprising. Fantastic Four is widely considered one of the most terrible movies of 2015. It won three Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Picture, which it shared with Fifty Shades of Grey. Then again, with the Divergent franchise now moving to television, Miles Teller may be eager to enter into another lucrative and career boosting franchise. As long as they actually put the movies in theaters, that is.

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