8 Things You Should Know About Domino Before Deadpool 2


The post-credits scene in Tim Miller's Deadpool confirmed that the sequel would feature the live-action debut of the time-traveling badass known as Cable... but it looks like he won't be the only important new character in Deadpool 2. Instead, reports have said that the movie could also feature Domino, a Marvel Comics character who has shared page space with the red-and-black-costumed mercenary for years.

This is very exciting news for fans already familiar and in love with Domino, but there are certainly many of you who have absolutely no idea who this character is. Fortunately, we're more than happy to provide the information you need! Read on to learn eight things you should know about the black-and-white anti-hero before Deadpool 2.

Domino Made Her Debut In The Same Comic Issue As Deadpool

New Mutants #98 - written by Fabian Nicieza, illustrated by Rob Liefeld, and released in 1991 -- is an important comic to Deadpool fans, as it was the issue to include everyone's favorite Merc With The Mouth (featured as an assassin hired to kill Cable). Deadpool, however, was not the only character to make his first appearance in those pages. Domino not only makes her debut as well, but is actually the one who winds up saving Cable from Deadpool, sticking three knives in the mercenary's back. It's a notable introduction, given that it also sees Domino joining the titular group, but it was an addition that came with a bit of a twist...


Domino Didn't Really Make Her Debut In The Same Comic Issue As Deadpool

Are you confused? Well, it's all actually very simple, so don't stress. The character in New Mutants #98 is called Domino and looks like Domino, but she isn't actually Domino. Instead, the character that Marvel readers were instead introduced to was Vanessa Carlysle a.k.a. the shapeshifting mutant known as Copycat (played by Morena Baccarin in Deadpool). Vanessa was hired by the villainous Mister Tolliver to spy on Cable, and in the meantime Domino was held as a prisoner. It wasn't until over a year after New Mutants #98 -- specifically in 1992's X-Force #8 - that Domino got her legitimate introduction.

Domino Marvel Comics

Domino Has A Very Cool Mutation That We Haven't Seen In X-Men Movies Yet

Like Jean Grey, Domino is a mutant who can be categorized as a telekinetic, but her powers work differently than just giving her the capability to move things with her mind. Instead, her ability works on the subconscious level, which results in what is best described as stress-induced probability manipulation -- typically giving her "good luck." So if she finds herself facing off against a group of gunmen, every move she makes will miraculously let her escape unharmed (plus she can probably take them all out with a single bullet too). Various comics have seen her perform incredible feats over the years, and the exact extent of her powers isn't actually known.


Domino Had A Pretty Screwed Up Childhood

Most mutants in the Marvel Universe had pretty rough childhoods, given that the world often takes every chance to reject them, but Domino's upbringing was particularly horrible. Domino - who has also gone by the name Neena Thurman - was actually born as part of a secret government program created in hopes of creating a living weapon. While she was the only test subject to actually survive, her power-set wasn't deemed sufficient for the program's needs. Fortunately, she was eventually saved by her biological mother, and brought to live with a priest in Chicago. Unfortunately, the damage was done, and Domino was put on a dark path.


Domino's A Mercenary

So what's the optimal career path when you've gone through a terrible upbringing and have very special mutant luck powers? While many of you might have said "professional gambler," the Marvel Universe instead took the oft-traveled mercenary path with the character (giving her plenty of opportunities for run-ins with Deadpool). Specifically, Domino was a part of a group known as Six Pack, a hardcore group of killers with total disregard for collateral damage. It was retroactively established that Domino first met Cable during her time with Six Pack -- years before the events of New Mutants #98 and Mister Toliver keeping her hostage.

Domino X-Force

Domino's A Member Of X-Force

As mentioned earlier, Domino didn't exactly have the most normal introduction to Cable and his crew of mutant badasses, but that didn't stop her from being a part of the X-Force team. And not only is she a member of the group, but she is a very important one. There are very few people who Cable trusts as much as Domino, which is why she is often field leader when the group is on a mission. Perhaps even more significantly, during times when Cable has stepped away from his duties with X-Force she has stood up and taken command. So if 20th Century Fox does wind up making an X-Force movie at some point in the future, you can definitely expect her to be involved.


Domino's Been Romantically Linked With Cable

Deadpool and Domino have been involved in enough adventures together to make her inclusion in Deadpool 2 make plenty of sense, but the fact that she will be debuting alongside the live-action introduction of Cable makes it all the more interesting. As mentioned earlier, Domino and Cable have a long working history together and have long had each other's backs on the battlefield, but their relationship has taken steps beyond "friends" and "teammates." Whether or not this will be explored in the Deadpool sequel is unclear.


Domino's Never Appeared In Live-Action Before

Domino is definitely a favorite amongst Marvel Comics readers, and going to a convention means that you'll surely see multiple people in Domino cosplay, but sadly the character has never made it into a live-action adaptation. She has been utilized a bit in some Marvel animated television series, including the classic X-Men: The Animated Series from the 1990s and Wolverine and the X-Men, and a few videos games. Still, we have not even seen an Easter egg pointing in her direction in the X-Men movies. Clearly it looks like Deadpool 2 will be changing that in a big way, however, and we couldn't be more excited.

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