The Walt Disney Company has been making movies since just after dirt was invented. Many of their films are classics of the medium that will live forever. However, you can't make movies for more than 70 years without making a few that are that are strange, bizarre, or poorly thought out.

The thing is, the original Pete's Dragon was one of those movies. It may qualify as the single strangest musical that Disney ever produced. For this reason, nobody knew what to expect when Disney added it to the company's "movies we're going to remake in order to make a quadrillion dollars" list. The result, actually, was pretty damn good. They turned a film that was very much a product of the utterly bizarre '70s into a modern drama that worked. While we hate to give the Mouse House any ideas. because they're crazy enough on their own, here are a few other suggestions from Disney's lesser catalog that could potentially turn into solid modern remakes.

The Black Hole

In the late 1970s, after Star Wars, every studio tried to make their space epic. Paramount made a Star Trek movie, the James Bond folks made Moonraker, and Disney made The Black Hole. The movie is essentially 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but in space. There has been some talk of seeing this one remade already, so it may actually happen. It seems like a slam dunk. Since nobody really remembers this one, they could completely overhaul the plot and do a "remake" with almost nothing in common with the original, similar to what they did with Pete's Dragon. A modern version of the robot Maximillian would be with the price of admission by itself. The original film was obviously thrown together to catch a wave of popularity. Put a little thought into it, and they could make something really good.

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