The Clue Remake Just Took A Huge Step Forward


Clue (known as Cluedo outside the United States) has been a fun board game for the whole family to play since the 1940s, but in 1985, it entered a new realm of fame when it was adapted into a movie. Although it was received with mixed reviews upon initial release and didn't earn a lot at the box office, the cinematic Clue tale has gone on to be a cult classic, and at one point Universal had a remake in the works. Ever since they dropped said remake, there hasn't been a lot of news concerning it over the last five years, but the movie appears to be back on track thanks to a studio change.

The Clue remake has reportedly found a new home at 20th Century Fox. Josh Feldman from Hasbro Studios will produce the project, with Ryan Jones serving as executive producer and Fox's Daria Cercek overseeing for the studio. The Tracking Board has also heard that the new Clue movie may be changed to a "worldwide mystery" action-adventure that could set up a franchise. Shortly after Universal decided not to remake Clue, there was a period where Gore Verbinski was set to direct it, but it's unclear whether he's still involved with this new version of the movie.

The original Clue movie was written by John Landis and director Jonathan Lynn, and it featured a cast that included Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren and Christopher Lloyd. Just like in the board game, the colorful cast of characters had to solve a murder mystery in an eerie mansion and figure out which among them committed the heinous crime. Clue had three different endings that were shown in theaters (all of which were included on the DVD release), and while only one is considered the "true ending," it was a fun callback to how playing the board game can have different results.

Hasbro Studios has enjoyed success primarily through the Transformers and G.I. Joe movies, but in recent years, they've begun formulating plans to adapt their games and other toy properties into cinematic tales. The only one of these to come out so far is 2012's Battleship, but they have a number of other related movies in development, including Monopoly, Candy Land, Dungeons & Dragons, Play-Doh and Hungry Hungry Hippos. It's questionable how most of these will work as feature-length stories, but at least with Clue, moviegoers already know it can be reasonably adapted for the silver screen. Whether the first Clue movie has aged well is subject to debate, but over 30 years later, it could definitely use a fresh take. Assuming this 20th Century Fox information is legitimate, the studio will deliver fans that update in the near future.

We'll keep readers apprised of how the Clue remake is coming along as more news comes in.

Adam Holmes
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