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It's remarkable how little we know about The Dark Tower movie, considering seven books have been written previously, but we do know one character who ill be in the film, and the actor playing him just teased us with the first official image of his character. Tom Taylor will be playing Jake Chambers, a boy from New York City who finds himself transported to another world. Now, Taylor has given us our fist real, if obscured, look at "The Boy," along with the characters most famous quote.

Fans of The Dark Tower novel will recognize "There are other worlds than these." They're the last words Jake Chambers says to The Gunslinger before falling to his apparent death. If you haven't read the novels, don't worry, that's not really a spoiler. It's only the beginning of Jake's journey.

Of course, the journey of Jake Chambers is expected to take a very different track in The Dark Tower film than it did in Stephen King's novels. The only thing we know for sure is that we're not getting a straight retelling of the eight Dark Tower novels from beginning to end. Stephen King has said that the story will pick up somewhere in the middle, not the beginning, yet, at the same time, we know that Eddie Dean and Odetta Holmes, two characters that would have expected to make their entrance by the middle, will not be in the first film. All this points to The Dark Tower movie being something unique as compared to the books. However, as we see here, Jake Chambers has something to say about that, which may explain a great deal.

A major component of The Dark Tower 's mythos deals with the idea of parallel worlds. Jake Chambers lives in one world, Roland of Gilead, The Gunslinger, lives in another. However, these are far from the only two worlds in existence. There are numerous others, many, only slightly different from ours. There's no guarantee that this movie will technically be about the same characters that the books are about. These could be parallel characters from other worlds who are on the same quest. However, since there are slight variations between the worlds, this could lead to significant differences in the story.

One of those differences is Jake's importance to the overall plot. While Jake is certainly an important character normally, his very existence is vital to the plot of The Dark Tower . Both Roland Deschain, and Walter, The Man in Black, will be searching for Jake in the movie. Roland needs him to protect the Tower. The Man in Black needs the boy in order to destroy it.

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