Thor And Loki Have A Part-Time Job In Funny New Thor: Ragnarok Photo

Big budget blockbusters can be real pains in the ass to shoot; they're long, grueling, and often humorless processes. However, that doesn't seem to be the case on the set of Thor: Ragnarok at all. In keeping with the additional humor in the actual movie, the Asgardian threequel will looks like it's been a great experience for everyone involved. In fact, Thor and Loki have even found the time to pick up a little extra work on the side between takes. Check out the photo below to see more.

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Chris Hemsworth posted the above photo of himself and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki to get people excited about the upcoming Thor film -- as if we weren't already. The picture in question shows the God of Thunder and The Trickster sitting side by side while selling newspapers to the general public. Although it looks like a simple break between takes, the fact that Tom Hiddleston's Loki wears a black suit -- something he typically wears whenever he's undercover on Earth -- leads us to believe that whatever scene they're filming actually takes place on Earth, and away from Asgard.

The finer details in the photo further corroborate this idea as well. Closer inspection of the photo also reveals that the newspapers shed a little bit of light onto the plot of the upcoming film. Some of the newspaper headlines talk about mysterious lightning occurrences (possibly pointing towards a return of Thor on Earth), while others speculate regarding recent Loki sightings all around the world. Thor: Ragnarok will primarily take place away from our world, but it's abundantly clear that Earth's relationship to the Asgardians will play a central role in the theme of the film. Thor's been missing since Age of Ultron, and the people of Earth have noticed.

All plot details aside; it's worth noting that we like this photo simply because of its commitment to some good, old-fashioned deadpan humor. Thor: The Dark World was a little too somber for our taste, and director Taika Waititi has continuously reassured fans that this movie will have a lighter, and more comical tone than Alan Taylor's effort. Knowing that everyone on set seems to be having a good time goofing off goes a long way towards reminding us that superhero movies don't all need to be doom and gloom.

Everything we've seen from Thor: Ragnarok is awesome, but there is still no solid glimpse at Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner a.k.a The Hulk. Looks like we will have to keep waiting for the time being.

Cinema Blend will bring you any and all relevant updates related to Thor: Ragnarok as more information becomes available to us. The Asgardian god's third solo movie will hit theaters next fall on November 3, 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

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