Is Eddie Murphy Considering A Return To Stand-Up? Here's What He Says

Eddie Murphy

Some of the most uniquely engaging film performers of all time started off in the world of stand-up comedy. It's a uniquely difficult art form that, if mastered, can prepare a comedian for basically anything else the entertainment industry has to offer. In fact, Eddie Murphy recently came out and stated that he has a strong desire to return to the world of stand-up, if for no other reason than to challenge himself. He said:

Honestly, now I really am curious about doing it again because it's been so long, and so much has changed and I'm such a different person... I'm curious as to what it would be like if I got on stage. But, if I do that, whoever comes to see it has to sit through a bunch of my shitty songs. You'd have to hear my shitty songs between the jokes.

Eddie Murphy recently sat down with THR and reflected on the current status of his career. It seems that, as time has gone by, he has grown more and more willing to step back on the stand-up stage for the first time in decades to try his hand at the nearly impossible comedic art once more. He originally walked away from stand-up because it stopped being fun for him, but absence always makes the heart grow fonder. There's just one caveat to those of you who decide to go to a brand new Eddie Murphy special: you will have to sit through one of his "shitty songs". Fair trade, Mr. Murphy.

Although he would eventually go on to become a prominent actor in the 1980s (he's still one of the highest grossing actors of all time) Eddie Murphy's career began on the stand-up stage. He broke new ground in the art form with his vulgar, high-energy sets, and his second special, Eddie Murphy Raw, even garnered over $50 million during a wide theatrical release in 1987. He's far from the first stand-up comedians to ever attain worldwide fame, but he's one of the first rock star comedians to ever grace the stage.

Just check out this compilation of Eddie Murphy stand-up bits. Warning: you may experience fits of laughter.

Of course, we should really point out the fact that we don't think Eddie Murphy will have any trouble getting back onto the stage. He has an innate sense of comedic timing that has served him well throughout the decades. Even when he made the transition to acting for roles in movies like 48 Hrs. and Beverly Hills Cop, he always managed to deliver jokes perfectly time and time again. Even his worst movies (and there are plenty) didn't necessarily suffer because Murphy wasn't willing to deliver the goods; sometimes you're just in a bad movie.

Cinema Blend will keep you up to date regarding Eddie Murphy's possible return to the stand-up stage as more information becomes available to us. Nothing it confirmed just yet, but we will keep our fingers crossed that the legend once again dons his red leather.

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