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LOL: Name Your Vagina After The Last Movie You Saw

Twitter has given us many gifts since it was invented, and now it's possible that it has bestowed upon us one of the best memes to ever meme the internets. Ladies are now being encouraged to name their vaginas after the last film they saw. I know! This article is going to be awesome!

The meme started a couple of days ago, and has quickly become a popular way for the women of Twitter to get in on some pure, nonsensical fun. The basics are super simple: let everyone know what the name of your vagina would be based on the last movie you saw. Some people are sticking to the last film they saw in a theater, like Twitter user @Christinaa_A, who now has one of the naughtiest vagina names on (fake) record:

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Ahem...Sausage Party, indeed. Some of the names will likely make ladies of all ages stand up and cheer. Just take a look:

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No Country for Old Men? Amen, sister! What? OK, never mind. As can be expected with a process this silly and random, many of the new names turn out dirty in a major way, and will give you all kinds of mental pictures you probably don't want swirling around in your head during the workday...or, possibly, at any time of the day.

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Oh, dear. A lot of elderly ladies just got very uncomfortable and have no idea why. It's like the mention of Midnight Meat Train has caused a disturbance in the vagina force. Speaking of force, some of the names are quite strong and demanding of our attention. Which is fitting, I think, considering what it is we're discussing here.

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Now that, friends, is a vagina that demands to be noticed and treated with a fitting level of respect. A vagina named Crimson Peak will not be ignored! Actually, neither will this vagina, if I'm thinking about the title in the correct terms.

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Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Of course I'm thinking about the title in the only terms that you can think about that title in relation to vaginas. She last watched The Jungle Book, people. It's pretty obvious what's being said here, whether it's true or not, am I right?

Just for reference, since I know you must all be wondering, my vagina has a first name now, and it also happens to belong to a totally awesome dude who is the chosen one. That's right, folks, I am now in possession of a vagina named Keanu. And, because the internet is frequently a wonderful place where dreams can come true, I'm A-OK with that.

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