The trick with Netflix is that you never quite know when the movie or television series you have been saving to eventually catch up with is going to disappear. The streaming service is getting better about warning patrons when it's about to purge its programming (and replenish the virtual video shelves with viewing options). Which is where we are trying to help.

Netflix just revealed the movies that they will be taking away in September. We filtered through the list and ended up with almost a dozen titles that you need to catch up on, if you haven't yet, as well as the day they're going to disappear. Labor Day weekend is coming up, which means you have some time on your hands. Get to streaming.

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

"Awesome" movies don't always have to mean high-quality Oscar contenders. Some nights, you just want to relive the gloriously cheesy and overly masculine roost (bleach-blonde roots, in this case) of the Fast & Furious franchise. While you wait for Fast 8, screen the one where Vin Diesel erroneously thought he was too good for the series, and left Paul Walker to fend with Tyrese in a Miami-based adventure. John Singleton directs.

Leaving 9/1/16

Days of Thunder (1990)

Staying on the "fast cars" theme, Tony Scott's NASCAR-influenced Days of Thunder put a feather-haired Tom Cruise behind the wheel of a stock car so he could play a hot-headed driver looking for his shot at the big time. The best part? Cruise plays a man named Dick Trickle, and that's not a laugh line in the movie. The worst part? The movie opens on the title card "Charlotte, N.C." -- which is my home town -- and shows someone peeing in an outhouse. Because we're all toothless rebels down here.

Leaving 9/1/16

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