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Yoda Just Showed Up At A Major League Baseball Game With A Warning, Check It Out

In the pantheon of Star Wars characters, Yoda has pretty much cemented himself on the being the go-to guy for wisdom. If someone needs advice that's strictly Force related, then Yoda is your guy. Even people on Star Wars Rebels who have never even met him seek out his opinion. So, is it really any surprise that Yoda should show up during a Major League Baseball game to protest the dangers of obnoxiously doing the wave?

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Just about anything will lead to the dark side these days, huh? This picture comes from the Twitter account of Kym McKenzie, who snapped the pic while in attendance of a Texas Rangers game. While Yoda was not there in any physical sense, he did appear on the scoreboard warning about the evils of doing the wave. Yoda's gotten a little preachy in his old age, but he isn't wrong. There's always that one guy at the game who tries to start a wave, and if it catches on then you're pretty much locked into until people get tired. Plus, if you don't commit to it then suddenly you're the jerk for not playing along. I'm pretty sure doing the wave won't give you lightning fingers so there isn't even that benefit.

While Yoda is busy at baseball games, Star Wars fans are waiting for his inevitable appearance in future Star Wars movies. He could briefly be heard in Rey's Force vision in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but a physical appearance is more than likely just down the road. Yoda is a Force Ghost after all, so it isn't out of the question for him to show up when he really has to. Perhaps Star Wars Episode VIII will be when he makes his big re-entrance into the series. The character also had a cameo in Season Two of Star Wars Rebels, where he gave advice to Ezra Bridger.

Yoda is also not limited to the main series of films, so there's no reason he can't be in a spin-off film. When the anthology films were first announced, it was rumored that a Yoda-centric movie was in the works, but there's been no official mention or confirmation of it happening. Considering that Yoda usually works best in small bursts, that's probably a good thing. Another way he could appear is through a smaller role in a film that doesn't necessarily star him. This would be similar to how Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is using Darth Vader, another massive Star Wars character.

Yoda is bound to show up in some form or another so make sure to keep it here at Cinema Blend and we'll keep you updated with new information as it becomes available.

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