Scarlett Johansson’s R-Rated Comedy Rock That Body Has Added A Modern Family Star

Some movies just have amazing luck when it comes to casting. The new comedy Rock that Body seems to be one of them. It already has a rock solid cast, but every new announcement keeps making this one bigger. We were already sold on Scarlett Johansson starring in an R-rated comedy. but when your supporting cast also includes names like Demi Moore, and the just announced Ty Burrell, you know you're going to be in for something special.

Rock that Body is a film about a group of women who get together for a bachelorette party weekend where things get a bit out of hand. As such, it's not surprising that every single casting announcement that we've heard has been a woman. This makes Modern Family's Ty Burrell is the first man to be announced for the film at all. His role was not announced in the Deadline article which broke the story, however, he's apparently begun filming alongside Demi Moore, who's role is also being described as "supporting" so it's possible that the two will be working together. They could be a couple in the film, or otherwise part of the same scene.

Ty Burrell Rock That Body Modern Family

Rock that Body, formally titled, Move that Body was a film included on the most recent Black List, the annual listing of the best unproduced scripts. The word that Scarlett Johansson would star in the film came out almost as soon as the Black List did, which implied that somebody wanted to snatch that one up before anybody else got wind it was out there. From there, the studio went out and filled out the bachelorette party with the likes of Kate McKinnon, Illana Glazer, Jillian Bell, and Zoe Kravitz. While one might conclude that the film's title could refer to any one of the lovely ladies involved in Rock that Body, the body in question appears to be that of the dead stripper who will be at the center of the film's shenanigans. We're guessing that probably isn't Ty Burrell, but we don't want to jump to conclusions.

With the addition of Burrell, Rock that Body is just getting that much funnier. Seeing Scarlett Johansson in an R-rated comedy is something of a novelty as it's not the type of film we normally see her in, although that's part of what makes this one intriguing. While much of the rest of the cast is known for comedy, they're mostly known for their work on TV, such as Saturday Night Live or a couple different Comedy Central series. This should make the adult setting of Rock that Body a unique film for everybody.

What do you think of this cast? Will Rock that Body be a must see film for you? Let us know in the comments.

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