Now that The Flash is deep into pre-production, more attention is being focused on which villains will give Barry Allen trouble in 2018. Last week, it was reported that The Rogues will be the movie's main antagonists, and yesterday, one reporter mentioned that he's heard Captain Cold and Golden Glider will appear. It still hasn't been confirmed whether this unique super villain team will indeed be the lead villains, but considering their prominence in the Flash mythos, using them would be a hell of a way to kick off the Scarlet Speedster's movie series.

There have been many different Flash villains who've comprised the Rogues lineup across the decades, so it's important that the movie find the right criminals to work together on the big screen. We've gathered the six candidates that would be great for the job, preferably to all work together. First up, a longtime favorite...

Captain Cold

It's hard to imagine bringing the Rogues to the big screen and not have Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, leading them. He's one of Barry Allen's oldest enemies, and depending on who you ask, he's also his greatest adversary. It's unwise to underestimate him just because that parka and goggles make him look goofy as hell. Not only is he skilled at assembling and reassembling his cold gun quickly, but he's also an excellent strategist. Depending on the story, he's also the one who keeps the other Rogues from going too far in their crimes, as he doesn't approve of unnecessary killing on the job. Even though Gorilla Grodd was responsible for bringing The Rogues together for the first time in the Silver Age, it makes more sense if Cold is the one who does it in The Flash, especially since he was the first super villain in the comics to deliberately target the Barry Allen iteration in the comics.

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