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Now that The Flash is deep into pre-production, more attention is being focused on which villains will give Barry Allen trouble in 2018. Last week, it was reported that The Rogues will be the movie's main antagonists, and yesterday, one reporter mentioned that he's heard Captain Cold and Golden Glider will appear. It still hasn't been confirmed whether this unique super villain team will indeed be the lead villains, but considering their prominence in the Flash mythos, using them would be a hell of a way to kick off the Scarlet Speedster's movie series.

There have been many different Flash villains who've comprised the Rogues lineup across the decades, so it's important that the movie find the right criminals to work together on the big screen. We've gathered the six candidates that would be great for the job, preferably to all work together. First up, a longtime favorite...

Captain Cold

It's hard to imagine bringing the Rogues to the big screen and not have Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, leading them. He's one of Barry Allen's oldest enemies, and depending on who you ask, he's also his greatest adversary. It's unwise to underestimate him just because that parka and goggles make him look goofy as hell. Not only is he skilled at assembling and reassembling his cold gun quickly, but he's also an excellent strategist. Depending on the story, he's also the one who keeps the other Rogues from going too far in their crimes, as he doesn't approve of unnecessary killing on the job. Even though Gorilla Grodd was responsible for bringing The Rogues together for the first time in the Silver Age, it makes more sense if Cold is the one who does it in The Flash, especially since he was the first super villain in the comics to deliberately target the Barry Allen iteration in the comics.

Heat Wave

Ice (or in this case, cold) and fire even each other out, so if The Flash movie includes Captain Cold, then Heat Wave needs to follow behind. In the comics, Mick Rory's obsession with fire reached its peak when he came upon his trademark flamethrower, and not long after that, he joined the Rogues. Because Heat Wave is more temperamental and unhinged, he's not as effective a criminal when working alone, but with the Rogues, he can be reined in and make sure his fire is focused in the right directions. The Flash TV series and Legends of Tomorrow has depicted him and Cold as having a close friendship, though not without its problems. However, for the movie, we suggest that Heat Wave isn't so friendly with his colder counterpart. They don't need to be direct adversaries, but there should be a rivalry between them, both with their respective temperature preferences clashing and arguing with each other over plans and strategy.

Golden Glider

Of all the classic Rogues from the comics, Golden Glider was the last to debut, first appearing in 1977. She hasn't been used nearly as often as the other Rogues, but she's nevertheless one of its important members, both as Captain Cold's sister and through her relationships with some of the other Rogues. In the New 52 universe, she even led the Rogues briefly when Cold was ousted from his position. If yesterday's rumor is correct, Lisa and Leonard Snart are already a thieving duo when The Flash movie begins, so if we're getting a big Rogues team, those two need to form it together. As for her gimmick, Golden Glider has had a number of them over the years. She originally committed crimes using special skates and jewel-themed weaponry, she's able to create an astral form in the New 52 universe and she uses a gold-transmutation gun in the Flash TV series. For The Flash movie, we suggest they go the metahuman route, with her accidentally gaining her powers at some point during the movie.

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang already has one advantage over the rest of the cinematic Rogues, no matter who they end up being: he already has a history with Flash. The Fastest Man Alive foiled Digger Harkness' crime in Suicide Squad, leading the Australian to wonder what had happened when he was recruited into Task Force X. Although he's more associated with the Squad in the modern era, Boomerang is a classic Rogues member, and since the DCEU has already introduced him, it'd be a shame not to bring him back for The Flash. Because Boomerang was last seen imprisoned in Belle Reve at the end of Suicide Squad, the only way he could return is if Amanda Waller sets him free (doubtful), he somehow escapes or if the Rogues break him out of prison. However he's included, this would be the best opportunity to show how talented Boomerang is with his trademark weapons (Suicide Squad fell short with that) and add more comedy to the movie.

Weather Wizard

There's a storm coming...maybe. As the name advertises, Marc Mardon is able to manipulate the weather to suit his own needs, whether it's creating a cloud of fog to cover an escape or conjuring destructive bursts of lightning. He has primarily accomplished this via a 'wand' create by his late brother Clyde, though at times, they've been his metahuman ability. Weather Wizard is one of the more ruthless members of the Rogues, so he would be one of the Flash's more challenging foes. Depending on how the story is written, he could even be the one responsible for the climactic battle, as his weather abilities become so powerful that they threaten to destroy Central City, and Marc won't cease the attack because he's gone mad with power. This could lead to Flash and the other Rogues putting aside their feud and working for the greater good to neutralize Weather Wizard.

Mirror Master

Including Mirror Master as one of the Rouges would reflect well on the Flash movie (sorry, I couldn't help myself). Two men have held that identity in the comic, but obviously they would have to go with the first man, Sam Scudder. While The Flash TV series is turning Mirror Master into a metahuman who can travel through mirrors, we would prefer if the movie's iteration of the character relied on technology. That way he'll not only be able to access the Mirror World (which could give Doctor Strange a run for its money in terms of trippy imagery), but also create illusions, hypnotize others, etc. That said, it would work better creatively if he were a former scientist rather than a common criminal like in his early years. Using Sam also means that Mirror Master can be the most expandable of the Rogues, because if he dies, assassin Evan McCulloch could conceivably take his place in a sequel.

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