When You'll Be Able To See Mad Max: Fury Road In Black And White

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Last summer, Mad Max: Fury Road set the imaginations of countless moviegoers on fire, as its orange and blue vision of the post-apocalyptic wastes that "Mad" Max Rockatansky calls home wowed a new generation of fans. Yet despite the fact that George Miller's film truly reveled in the explosion of color is set off, the director always felt that black and white was the true home of the creatively dirty vibe the film gave off. Well, after almost a year of promises, we're finally going to get our chance to see the "Black and Chrome" cut of the film, when the Mad Max High Octane Collection drops on December 6th.

Officially announced by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, the Mad Max High Octane Collection is, literally, the four movie set we caught wind of just months ago. For the first time, all four films, from 1979's Mad Max through to last summer's Mad Max: Fury Road, will all be available in one convenient to own set. Though if you purchase the new boxed set of George Miller's legendary action-adventure franchise, you'll technically be getting five films, as the "Blood and Chrome" version of the latest film is actually considered a movie on its own. At least, that's what the marketing has us believing, as Warner Bros. is also offering a "Two Movie Collection" containing both versions of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Knowing that even George Miller himself was impressed by the black and white version of his own film, our interest in Mad Max: Fury Road has just been rekindled. While directors love to toy with the notion of an alternate cut of their own films, Miller has delivered on his promise, and then some. In addition to the "Blood and Chrome" version of Fury Road, the Mad Max High Octane Collection will also contain some impressive special features chronicling the storied history of the films. Most impressively, the set boasts the inclusion of "Road War," a new documentary detailing the production of The Road Warrior in 1982.

Five films, one box, and a black and chrome experience that's bound to reignitethe fandom surrounding Mad Max: Fury Road await you on December 6th, when the Mad Max High Octane Collection makes itself available, just in time for your holiday shopping needs.

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