This weekend, audiences went back to the woods in search of the Blair Witch. We're certainly hoping that these kids are better prepared for what awaits them that their predecessors from 1999s The Blair Witch Project.

The simple fact is that those poor kids in the original movie were completely unprepared for even the simplest problems they had to deal with in the woods. They seemed to think they could just spend a couple of days camping and not take any simple precautions. Even if there was no supernatural force coming after them, they were going to die in the woods anyway. Here's what you can learn by their bad example.

Bring The Right Food

There a brief sequence early in The Blair Witch Project where the kids do some shopping. They buy energy bars, (a good choice), marshmallows (because they're camping, totally cool) and brown rice. Wait, what? If these kids were camping in an RV, or even out of a car, they could make that work, but rice requires things like a pot (heavy) and water (valuable) to make it work. Blair Witch Lesson 1They're working out of backpacks, not an ice chest. Backpack space is valuable and considering they had to fill most of theirs with camera equipment, they simply didn't have the space to waste.

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