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With so many great DCEU projects on the horizon, it honestly can become a bit difficult to keep track of them at times. The upcoming Shazam! film has kept itself so well hidden under the radar that you probably completely forgot about it. However, it's definitely still happening, we're definitely still excited, and we think Dwayne Johnson is going to absolutely dominate the screen as the villainous Black Adam. In fact, a new piece of fan art has just surfaced indicating what the behemoth actor could possibly look like in the role. Check it out below.

So Dwayne The Rock Johnson kinda confirmed he is in the Shazam movie, I vote for him being Black Adam :D

Posted by BossLogic Inc on Thursday, July 24, 2014

That image comes to us courtesy of BossLogic (one of the best fan art accounts on the internet) and it provides a rough approximation as to what Dwayne Johnson could potentially look like once he steps into the role of Black Adam for the upcoming Shazam! movie. From the widow's peak, to the lightning, to the hulking appearance, he looks absolutely perfect as the arch nemesis of Billy Batson a.k.a Shazam. In all honesty, The Rock doesn't look that much different from how he normally looks, but that's sort of the point. He was born to play a role like Black Adam, and this picture continues to hammer that idea home.

It makes perfect sense that a larger than life actor like Dwayne Johnson would be chosen for a larger than life character like Black Adam. An ancient Egyptian banished to the farthest reaches of space after becoming corrupted by power, Black Adam spends 5,000 years traveling across the void of space to take his revenge on Earth. When he arrives, he finds that the powers of Shazam have been bestowed upon someone pure of heart, as direct opposition to his own corruption. He's one of the most iconic DC comic book villains of all time, and we seriously cannot wait to see what Dwayne Johnson does with the role. Can it be 2019 yet?

One of the most interesting aspects of the entire Shazam! movie is the way in which the whole affair fits into the greater DCEU. We recently learned that the movie will definitely take place within the same world as Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad, but it will feel entirely different because of it features a different creative team behind the scenes. In stark contrast to the current doom and gloom of the existing DC movies, Shazam! will take a much more lighthearted approach to the source material, and craft a movie centered on ideas like youthful exuberance, and childhood wish fulfillment. Even though Dwayne Johnson will portray the film's villain, this means that he may very well get the opportunity to flex his comedic muscles as Black Adam.

For a better look at how Black Adam could fit into the DCEU with the iconic Justice League heroes, check out the animated clip below:

Although we still know very little about the upcoming Shazam! movie, CinemaBlend will bring you all of the latest and greatest news related to the project as it becomes available to us. As of right now, Shazam! is slated for an April 5, 2019 release; stay tuned for more details!

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