Kristen Bell Has Been Recording Dialogue For Anna, But Not For Frozen 2

Kristen Bell Anna

There's no getting around it: Frozen took the world by storm when it landed in theaters back in 2013. The female-driven Disney tale captured the imaginations of children by telling a universal story about sisterhood, and it made every single parent on Earth never want to hear "Let It Go" ever again. The Frozen phenomenon has led to plenty of hushed talks about an inevitable sequel, which got all of us excited when actress Kristen Bell revealed that she recently stepped back into the voice booth to record more lines as Anna. Sadly, it wasn't for Frozen 2. Bell elaborated:

We haven't begun yet. They're putting the finishing touches on the script. We record, as those characters, often. At the change of season at the parks, whether it's for Disneyland, Epcot, or when Japan opens, we will record new voices for our characters, but we actually haven't started recording for the second Frozen.

While speaking with Collider to promote her new series, The Good Place, Kristen Bell took a moment to share some updates regarding the highly anticipated Frozen 2. It seems that, although Bell has most certainly returned to record lines as Anna, it hasn't bee for a sequel just yet. Disney has simply brought her back to record more lines of dialogue in order to keep up with the changing of the seasons at various Disney parks all across the world. If you've ever been to a Disney theme park, you've probably heard one of these recordings while waiting in line for an attraction.

However, just because Kristen Bell hasn't started recording lines for Frozen 2, doesn't mean that there hasn't been progress in this particular universe. A script for Frozen 2 is currently in development, and Disney has remained vocal in its desire to keep this particular property alive, but everybody involved seems willing to pace themselves in order to get it right. Nobody wants to rush a sequel and have it not live up to the original.

Additionally, the company is also working on a Frozen Christmas special -- centering on Josh Gad's character, Olaf -- and Kristen Bell confirmed that she has in fact already recorded her lines for that particular project. Details surrounding the special remain scarce, but it's expected to air during the 2017 holiday season on ABC. That should tide you Frozen fanatics over for the time being.

It's probably for the best that Disney has taken its time getting the next installment in the Frozen franchise together. Aside from the catchy tunes and the beautiful animation, the original film worked well because it felt well thought out, and it delivered a profound message about individuality that kids could get behind. The sequel needs to recapture that magic, or else it may fail. Besides, between movies like Zootopia, and as well as the upcoming Moana, we will have plenty of stellar animated Disney adventures to keep us occupied while the crew behind Frozen 2 continues to toil away.

CinemaBlend will keep you posted regarding any and all relevant updates related to Frozen 2 as more information becomes available. For now, if you want to hear more lines from Kristen Bell's Anna, it looks like you will have to simply go to a Disney park.

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