The Superhero John Cena Needs to Play, According To Mark Millar

John Cena

While most eyes are focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, creator Mark Millar has been quietly scoring several big screen hits. With another one on the way, Millar just announced who he wants to play the part. After viewing Amy Schumer's comedy Trainwreck Millar has apparently decided that John Cena needs to be cast as the superhero in the movie based on his book Superior.

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This may actually be some of the most brilliant casting in recent memory. John Cena, of course, already looks like a real life superhero, which is what makes it so great. Superior tells the story of a young boy with multiple sclerosis who idolizes comic book superhero, the character of Superior, essentially a stand-in for Superman, most of all. When the boy is given the opportunity to have one wish granted, he wishes to become the costumed hero.

John Cena looks exactly like what you want to look like if you were transformed into a superhero. He's as far away from a 12-year-old boy who can no longer walk as you can possibly get. In addition to looking like he was drawn for a comic book, Cena's charisma is such that he could easily pull off the role.


John Cena is either the guy you love, or the guy you love to hate in the WWE. Much of the reason for this is that his character is just perpetually upbeat. Not every fan loves that side of him, but playing the part of a 12-year-old who just got transformed into a superhero, that infectious happiness would be exactly what the role required.

It's been a while since we heard much about the state of the film adaptation of Superior, however, it would seem that the project is moving forward at some pace. Although, if Mark Millar just requested John Cena it would appear that they have yet to cast one of their two major roles.

A part like the main hero of Superior would by far be John Cena's biggest movie role to date. While he started his film career in action roles in WWe produced films like 12 Rounds and The Marine, in recent years Cena has been focusing more on cameos, as in the aforementioned Trainwreck or the Tina Fey comedy Sisters. Cena was tagged in Mark Millar's tweet, as well as several of the fan responses, so it's likely that he's seen it. There's been no direct response, at least not publicly.

Do you think John Cena is the perfect choice to play Superior? John Hamm had previously expressed some interest in the part as well. Would you rather see him take it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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