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Even though X-Men and Spider-Man were the movies that kicked off the modern superhero movie craze, Blade got the jump on them a few years earlier in terms of a Marvel property enjoying success as a blockbuster. Wesley Snipes' version of the vampire killer led three movies over six years, but the character been absent from the big screen ever since. However, according to actress Kate Beckinsale, Marvel may have plans to bring Blade into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

While plugging her own upcoming vampire movie, Underworld: Blood Wars, at New York City Comic-Con today (via Comicbook.com), Beckinsale was asked whether a crossover between Underworld and Blade has ever been discussed. She said that while the idea had crossed some minds, nothing ever surfaced, and she's heard that Marvel has plans for Blade in the future. She said:

They're busy. They're doing something with Blade.

The last time Blade starred in his own movie was in 2004's Blade Trinity, which was largely panned. Two years later, Spike TV aired a short-lived TV series, but following its cancellation, Blade hasn't been seen in live action media since, despite the fact that Marvel reacquired the Blade rights in 2011. However, this isn't the first time that the possibility of Blade returning has been discussed. Wesley Snipes has repeatedly expressed interest in making Blade 4, and he even supposedly met with Marvel to discuss the character. Now Kate Beckinsale has apparently heard that Marvel has something in store for Blade, though if/when those plans come to fruition is a mystery. That said, sorry for those of you who were eager to see the Blade and Underworld franchises cross over. It's not happening.

So assuming that Marvel does indeed have plans for Blade, what could they be? Well, a movie is the first possibility that comes to mind, but considering how gory those original movies were, a theatrical reboot would be harder to make nowadays. Remember, Marvel maintains a firm PG-13 line when it comes to the MCU stories told on the big screen. Maybe they'd be willing to make an exception for Blade, but it's unlikely. That leaves Netflix as the second and more feasible option. The online streaming service has become a haven for Marvel's more violent and gritty stories, and although they primarily have a street-level focus, events in Daredevil Season 2 and the upcoming Iron Fist have opened the door for mystical elements. Blade certainly fits the violence quota, and provided the series fits a reasonable budget, seeing him slaughter vampires and other weird monsters could work on the small screen.

We'll keep you updated on any live action Blade related news that comes out, but in the meantime, let us know what you would like to see happen with the character in the comments below.

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