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The DCEU is expanding every day it seems and so they will need more and more actors to take on the increased number of roles. Anna Kendrick has her eyes on becoming Batman's sidekick, but it seems such a thing would be quite awkward. In an "interview" with the two stars of the movie The Accountant, Anna Kendrick admits her secret desire to co-star with Ben Affleck in the future.

If you're the sort of person that gets embarrassed on behalf of the characters on screen, this one may be a little tough to get through. Anna Kendrick absolutely kills it. It gets so weird so quickly here that it almost becomes hard to watch. The setup for the MTV sketch is that Anna Kendrick really wants to do an action movie, so she keeps focusing the interview on the topic in an attempt to impress Ben Affleck. As the director of the upcoming Batman movie, he's the guy that can get her that role. Eventually, she magically transforms off camera into a makeshift Robin in order to pitch the director.

Of course, things get even more bizarre when Ben Affleck breaks into song. While all Anna Kendrick wants to do is be in a superhero movie, apparently, all Ben Affleck wants is to be in a musical. We're not sure whether the guy really can't sing or is singing badly on purpose, but based on this clip, there's a reason the guy doesn't do musicals.

If we're being honest, there are certainly worse options for casting Robin than Anna Kendrick. The character has been female before within DC's comics, and even if it hadn't, as Kendrick points out in the bit, there's really no reason any of these characters have to be men. The only issue with making her Robin is that it might cause a problem with the campaign to turn her into Squirrel Girl over at Marvel. A few months back Kendrick made the offhand comment that she should play that role within the MCU, something that was met with a ringing endorsement by Joe Russo. It's certainly possible, and eventually, it will be likely, that an actor will probably have major roles within each comic universe, but at the moment Kendrick may need to choose.

Of course, as Ben Affleck says here, there's really no guarantee that the new Batman movie will even have a Robin character. We saw that at least one Robin has died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it's possible the dark knight is not looking to bring on any new help at the moment. Still, we could get a Robin in flashbacks that show us what happen to the one that was lost and we may still get a new one down the road, though we'd expect that the standalone Batman film will probably focus exclusively on the title character.

Who would you like to see play Robin in the DC Extended universe? Let us know in the comments.

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