There are a bunch of new flicks coming out this week, with everything ranging from Tom Cruise and Tyler Perry to Ouija boards. Coming this Friday we've got Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Keeping Up With the Joneses, Boo! A Madea Halloween and Ouija: Origin of Evil. It's gonna be a Rotten Week!

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at This Rotten Week has to offer.

Rotten Watch Prediction

If you drink every time they say "Reacher" in the trailer for the new Jack Reacher movie, you'll be halfway to hammered before the two and half minutes are up. But besides the ultra-aggressive name branding, this film looks like good old fun. It's a dude with "skills" sent on a mission against dudes with considerably less skills. That alone often makes for a fun time at the movies.

Tom Cruise is back as Jack Reacher, the Lee Child titular character who is as rogue and one-liner as they come. The first film earned a 62% and I suspect this latest is around the same range. There aren't a lot of reasons to hate it considering Cruise is eminently watchable and carries his own sort of action cache to the screen.

Director Edward Zwick has had his hand in movies all over the genre spectrum with flicks like Pawn Sacrifice (72%), Blood Diamond (62%) and The Last Samurai (66%- and also heavily dosed with Cruise), but also The Siege (44%) and Love and Other Drugs (49%). None of the them are all that great, but none are all that bad either. He just puts out middle of the road stuff. That likely stays the same with this one. Reacher. Drink.

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