Don't the months just fly once October comes to a close? September starts the rocket slide that is the end of the year, and October seems to push things further downhill, leaving us with such a feeling of momentum that it's over before we know it. Which means more good movies are going to be leaving Netflix, because every month we're given that reminder that the queue may giveth, but it also taketh away. Here's our list of 16 films you should marathon through, before they're "taketh'd" away.

The Addams Family

Admit it folks, if you don't have kids or aren't doing anything for Halloween, you probably don't have a pumpkin carved. It's ok, we won't judge you, but what we will do is give you a handy suggestion. Go to the farm tomorrow with some friends, pick up a couple decorative gourds and carving accoutrements as you so desire, and flip on some darkly funny Addams Family magic. If you do have your pumpkins in a row, though... watch it anyway, as it's just as funny and beautiful as it was so many years ago. Hope you remember the right book to open the Addams family safe.

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