Next month, Netflix will have some really fantastic movies available for streaming, but whenever new titles become available, that means it's also time for certain contracts to expire. As a result, there are some great films that will be leaving Netflix in August, but the good news is that there is still time to watch a bunch of them.

With the end of July fast approaching, we've plucked out 9 awesome movies that will be departing the Netflix streaming service next month, and recommend checking them out in the next few days. Read on to see what titles are standing on the knife's edge!


It's no secret that Hollywood loves making movies about making movies, and there are some genuine classics that fall into this category, but Frank Oz's Bowfinger is better described as an under-appreciated gem. The feature is arguably Eddie Murphy's best comedic work post-1995 (which admittedly isn't an incredibly high bar), but he puts in an honestly great dual performance as both an unhinged, paranoid star, and his dorky, slow twin brother. With Steve Martin at its center as an Ed Wood-level dreamer just trying to get his big break, the film has a sincere optimism to it that is well balanced by its chaotic ridiculousness. If you consider yourself a cinephile but haven't seen this one yet, make a plan to check it on Netflix before it leaves in August.

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