Who Jennifer Grey Would Cast In A Dirty Dancing Remake

Dirty Dancing

At this point, any movie that's more than about five years old is fair game for the remake treatment. As such we can expect a Dirty Dancing remake literally any day now. The good news is that Jennifer Grey has the casting covered. In a recent interview, she was asked who should play the lead roles if the film was ever remade, and she's got ideas.

I think Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling ... or Channing Tatum.

Jennifer Grey was a guest on Just Jenny on Sirius XM when host Jenny Hutt asked her about who she would like to see in a potential remake. While Grey sounded like she had never really considered the question before, she came up with her answers fairly quickly. Grey does mention that Natalie Portman may be a little old at this point to the play the young part of "Baby," but that can be overlooked because she's such a great actress and a quality dancer. Plus, being Jewish, the Dirty Dancing remake can still tell the same story that the original movie did, especially if she's opposite a guy who is clearly not.

Channing Tatum seems like the world's easiest answer, as it seems nobody has been dancing on screen more in recent years than him. From his early work in Step Up to Magic Mike and even his recent role in the Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar, it seems that if you need a good looking guy to dance on screen, you call Channing Tatum.

However, the bulk of the conversation is given over to a discussion of Ryan Gosling. If Jennifer Grey makes one thing clear here, it's that she absolutely adores Ryan Gosling, a sentiment that puts in the same company with most of the rest the planet as far as we can tell. However, while most of the rest of the world fell in love with Ryan Gosling after The Notebook, Jennifer Grey is an old school Gosling fan. She has gone back and seen his early work on the Mickey Mouse Club and calls him "the sexiest guy in some MC Hammer pants I've ever seen." Do you agree?

Those who want to see Ryan Gosling sing and dance again will have their opportunity when the musical La La Land is released. It's been receiving a great deal of praise on the festival circuit. The rest of us will have to wait until it hits December 9.

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