New Suicide Squad Extended Cut Trailer Reveals Some Of The New Joker Scenes

Following in the footsteps of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Ultimate Edition, Warner Bros announced at the beginning of October that Suicide Squad would receive its own Extended Cut release, adding 13 minutes of extra footage to the movie. Many fans have speculated that this will include some (or maybe all) of Joker's deleted material, and a new trailer is out that provides a better idea of which excised scenes featuring the Clown Prince of Crime will be reincorporated into Suicide Squad.

The newest Suicide Squad Extended Cut trailer was recently posted on Amazon (YouTube embed from ComingSoon), and while most of the footage is from the theatrical cut, we also get a taste of how much more we'll see of Jared Leto's Joker. The first is a longer version of when Joker had Dr. Harleen strapped Dr. Harleen Quinzel to that table in Arkham Asylum. In the theatrical cut, it looked like he tortured his psychiatrist just for the hell of it, but this preview reveals that he's holding a grudge against her. When Harleen tells Joker that she helped him, he responds, "You left me in a black hole of rage and confusion." It looks like he felt that giving her unnecessary shock treatment was proper retribution.

The second big Joker moment on this Suicide Squad trailer helps fill in the gap between when Harleen was literally shocked and when she accompanied Joker to Ace Chemicals to undergo her own transformation. As it turns out, she was understandably pissed he put her through hell, so she decided to track him down and see if she could dish out her own revenge. Joker, the insane agent of chaos that he is, is amused with her holding a gun to his head, even daring her to pull the trigger. If she had, Gotham City would be rid of its deadliest criminal. Alas, she hesitated, and Joker slaps the gun out of her hand. We don't what else will go down in that scene, but it will eventually lead to Harleen being willing enough to go with Joker to the place where he was "reborn" so she can become Harley Quinn.

Despite being advertised as one of Suicide Squad's key characters, Joker didn't get a lot of screen time, and needless to say, this disappointed Jared Leto. For those who were eager to see more of his take on the Clown Prince of Crime, this Extended Cut will definitely be the place to go. Besides Joker, this trailer also implied that the cut 'ordering drinks' moment seen in one of the trailers will be added back in, but with 13 extra minutes, there's still plenty of material which has yet to be revealed.

Suicide Squad (now available for preorder (opens in new tab)) will be released on Digital HD on November 15, and the Blu-ray/DVD will hit shelves on December 13.

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