Jared Leto’s Joker Gets Extra Crazy In New Suicide Squad Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Even though Jared Leto didn't get as much screen time in Suicide Squad as most of us believed (including him), it doesn't take away from how insanely in-character the actor went playing The Joker, both on and off camera. A new behind-the-scenes photo exemplifies that perfectly, as we see Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime hanging out...literally.

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The latest picture from DC Films photographer Clay Enos shows Jared Leto full embracing The Joker's insanity in between takes by hanging around that transport helicopter his character commandeered during Suicide Squad. Never has a creepy clown looked so dapper while trying to climb the walls of an aircraft, if that's even ever been a thing. The only thing that would have made this moment better is if he had been wearing the villain's trademark purple suit. That said, the guy in the background probably would have been wise to avoid the actor while he was messing around.

For those who need a Suicide Squad refresher, The Joker and his gang commandeered a helicopter to rescue Harley Quinn after they figured out where she was upon interrogating several unfortunate parties. To make a good impression for his girlfriend, he dressed in his finest tuxedo. Of course, it wouldn't be The Joker if he didn't cause chaos in the midst of a rescue mission. Upon finding the Squad during their mission in Midway City, he and his men open fired on the team, and while the bullets flew, he gave Harley the go-ahead to jump into the helicopter. For a few minutes, the clownish couple was finally reunited, but alas, they were separated again when Joker's helicopter was shot down and Harley fell out. Fortunately for her, her "puddin" broke into Belle Reve at the end of the movie to free her from imprisonment.

Despite being advertised as one of Suicide Squad's more prominent characters, The Joker didn't get a lot of screen time in the movie, something which especially disappointed Jared Leto. However, the movie's Extended Cut is expected to restore many of Joker and Harley Quinn's scenes, and hopefully at least one of those will be when the former finds the latter and her villainous cohorts during their climactic encounter with Enchantress. We caught a glimpse of this moment in one of the trailers, where he's still rocking the tuxedo, but his face was a little worse for wear following the helicopter crash. That, along with the Clown Prince of Crime's other excised scenes, should ideally help him feel like a more important player within the story.

After drawing in over $740 million in theaters worldwide, Suicide Squad will be released on Digital HD November 15, and the Blu-ray/DVD release will follow on December 13.

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