Although the film made a healthy profit in the weeks following its release, Suicide Squad was still marred by negative critical reactions. Much of this stemmed from the film's obvious pacing issues, as well as the abundance of plot holes that often made little to no sense. Warner Bros. seems to have realized these issues, as we will soon get an Extended Cut of Suicide Squad, with new scenes to help tie the whole thing together.

Not every cut scene can make it into the longer version of the movie, but there are some that we think definitely need to appear. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of sequences from Suicide Squad that need to be put back into the film in order to make the overall story work. Check out our list, and let us know what scenes you think need to be put back in. Now, let's get started with one of Joker's many cut scenes.

Joker's "Buh-Bye" Scene

One of the most glaring omissions in Suicide Squad comes in towards the end of the film. In the original cut of the movie, Joker's helicopter crash survival is revealed far sooner than in the theatrical cut, and he eventually makes his way to the train station to face off against Task Force X one last time. In this scene, a badly burned Clown Prince of Crime reportedly tries to coax Harley to escape with him, but when she rebuffs his offer, he pulls a grenade and yells "buh bye!" as he escapes. Suicide Squad already features far too little of Joker to begin with, and seeing him actually interact with the titular squad is something fans have been dying to see. Beyond that, if Harley really does reject him in this scene, it goes a long way towards adding depth to their relationship.

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