Of Course Harley Quinn Is The Most Popular Halloween Costume This Year, Here Are The Rest

Harely Quinn

Halloween is almost upon us, which means everyone's going to storm the streets dressed as their favorite item of pop culture from the past year. Probably to the surprise of no one, Harley Quinn is already tracking to be the most popular costume of the year. The character has always done well in cosplay, and now she's finally hitting it big in the mainstream. However, Harley Quinn isn't the only character from Suicide Squad getting her due this year either. Check out the rest of the top 10 costumes of the year.

1. Harley Quinn2. Joker3. Superhero4. Pirate5. Wonder Woman6. Witch7. Batman8. Star Wars9. Clown10. Dinosaur

Wow, that's three different versions of a clown costume in the top 10 list. Those guys really are making a comeback. This list comes courtesy of Frightgeist, who compiled the information for top trending costumes based on the Google searches from every state in the country. For those curious, Harley Quinn was most searched in Glendale, Montana. Following right behind her is her puddin', Joker. The list isn't specific on what versions of these characters were searched, but the safe money is on the Suicide Squad ones. If you didn't like Jared Leto's costume, then you better brace yourself next weekend.

We should also take a minute to recognize and appreciate that Wonder Woman is on this list ahead of Batman. This comes right in time for her 75th anniversary, and it looks like the character might finally be getting her due. She could end up higher on this list come next year when her solo movie hits theaters. Another interesting note is that all the name characters on here are DC characters. They may have had a spotty year in the cinema, but people sure like dressing as them.

The rest of the list is populated by pretty standard Halloween affair. While "Superhero" is pretty generic and can mean anything from Superman to Power Rangers, this list is based on search terms. According to Frightgeist, comic book characters make up 16% of all costume searches. Pirate is another really popular costume, as well as the stalwart witch; you always end up seeing dozens of those two on Halloween. I would have thought Stars Wars would be higher on the list given its resurgence into the mainstream with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in addition to all the new characters to dress as, but searches are actually down from last year.

That's the top 10 list! Are any of these costumes appealing to anyone or do you already know what you'll be going as? Feel free to sound off in the comments below about what your costume is, if anything.

Matt Wood

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