Bette Midler Revived Her Hocus Pocus Character, And It’s Perfect

While I certainly don't recall Disney's Hocus Pocus being a huge hit in its day, the nostalgia level for the film has gone through the roof in recent years. While no sequel has yet been announced, Bette Midler may have just made the single best argument for one we can think of. She attended the annual Halloween Gala for her charitable organization in full Winifred Sanderson regalia, and if there's any question she's ready for a sequel, they've now been answered.

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Bette Midler founded the New York Restoration Project as a way to help conserve public spaces within New York City and Hulaween is their annual fundraising costume party. Midler decided it was time to dust off an old costume, rather than come up with a new one, and she looks absolutely perfect as her character Winnie from Hocus Pocus.

While Bette Midler doesn't overtly state on Twitter that she's lobbying for a sequel to Hocus Pocus on Twitter, she has said in the past that she, along with the rest of the cast, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker, are all on board to make one if and when Disney are ready to move forward. One has to assume that this was at least part of the calculation when Midler decided to don the costume for the high profile event.

It may have been nearly 25 years since the original Hocus Pocus, but Bette Midler looks as good here as she did in the original film, there's certainly no question that she's ready to start filming based on this image.

Hocus Pocus was far from a fan favorite when it opened back in 1993. It opened in fourth place, behind three films that had already been open for a few weeks. However, over the years the film has become one of those that was discovered later on home video or on cable television. The fan base has built it into a cult classic of sorts, leading to a desire by many to see a sequel made. While Disney hasn't forgotten about the property entirely, using it in recent years for theme park events around Halloween, the studio has yet to show any indication that they're interested in revisiting it on the big screen.

It would appear that until a sequel comes, Bette Midler will keep Hocus Pocus alive all by herself. Are you excited for a potential sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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