Warning: Mild Spoilers for Doctor Strange are in play. If you haven't seen the film, open up a portal out of here and come back when you've seen the film.

From the moment it was announced, Doctor Strange had a rather interesting handicap to its credit: it was yet another Marvel Cinematic Universe origin story. Yet as fatigued as the origin story road is, particularly in the MCU, there are some key aspects that make the Sorcerer Supreme's introduction to our lives all the more interesting. In fact, it's probably one of the best origin films that Marvel has put out in its entire canon. Bold claim, I know, but I can defend it just as boldly, as there are six big reasons why Doctor Strange works extremely well, both as an origin and as an MCU film that advances the overall story arc.

Strange's Accident Leads to a More Personal Origin Story

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've seen heroes that have either fought to become the super-powered beings, or become heroes out of sheer necessity. With Doctor Strange, our protagonist is driven purely out of personal pride, longing to just become a "normal" person again. Stephen only wants his powers as an expert surgeon back, and at certain points of the film's story he even expresses that he'd be perfectly fine with just going back to being the top flight surgeon he's been known to be. Only through a journey of self discovery, and some random action he finds himself thrown into, does Stephen Strange eventually decide to become a sorcerer dedicated to protecting the Earth. By time he faces Dormammu, he's willing to sacrifice his own life to annoy a being beyond space and time, just so we can live freely.

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