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With Doctor Strange slated to hit theaters this weekend, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will really never be the same. The Sorcerer Supreme will introduce genuine magic to the continuity of the MCU, which means Earth's mightiest heroes will now have to contend with threats that cannot be explained by pure science. It's a brave new world for Marvel fans, and one that is now firmly rooted in the exotic world of mysticism.

In the spirit of that exciting development, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of supernatural Marvel character that should definitely debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Doctor Strange. Some of these characters tie directly into Stephen Strange's corner of the MCU, while others strike out in wildly different directions. Check out our entries and let us know what magic-based characters you want to see enter the MCU. Now let's get started with a fascinating Marvel hero who has a particular knack for the dark arts...

Brother Voodoo

Magic comes in a variety of forms in the Marvel universe, and one of the creepiest forms of magic to embrace has to be voodoo. Rooted firmly in the traditions of Haitian mysticism, Jericho Drumm a.k.a Brother Voodoo possesses a number of dark powers that make him a perfect addition to the MCU. There's even definitely a framework in place for Drumm to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, as he has the ability to utilize the Eye of Agamotto, and he even briefly replaced Stephen Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme for a time -- which resulted in him becoming known as Doctor Voodoo.


Given the fact that Doctor Strange very firmly established the existence of Dormammu and The Dark Dimension, it only makes sense to now turn it into a family affair. As the niece of Dormammu, Clea is a powerful sorceress and rightful heir to The Dark Dimension. Despite hailing from that terrible place, she's often been known to aid Doctor Strange in his battles against her uncle, and the two even maintain a deep, romantic connection.

Daimon Hellstrom

Plenty of Marvel characters deal with concepts like demons and the occult, but few charge headfirst into that territory like Daimon Hellstrom. Quite literally the son of Satan, Hellstrom wields nearly unlimited hellish power, but he maintains a constant struggle to not be the embodiment of evil like his father. It's a fascinating thematic premise for a character, and an overall dark direction that could work wonders for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Werewolf By Night

If you're going to add a supernatural element to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it only makes sense to get some classic monsters in on the action. Real name Jacob Russoff, Werewolf by Night is a classic Marvel character that maintains all of the traditional werewolf hallmarks; on every full moon he's forced to lose control of himself and transform into a savage beast. We've seen themes like that approached in The Hulk's storylines, but Werewolf by Night could allow the MCU to really delve into some classic horror stories.

Morgan le Fay

Deriving her name from Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fay is definitely one of the more exotic characters on this list. A half-fairy with the ability to manipulate mystic energy and a seemingly infinite life span, this super villain been alive since the sixth century and has often found herself depicted as a major opponent for the entire Avengers roster. She's a major mystical player in the Marvel universe, and a perfect enemy for an Avengers movie in a future Phase.

Satana Hellstrom

Here we have another member of the Hellstrom clan. Much like her brother, Daimon, Satana possesses a number of demonic powers, but she spends her life trying to avoid becoming an agent of evil like her father, Satan. The MCU has only briefly delved into this type of sibling relationship in the past (we really wish Quicksilver had stuck around longer) but we think a dynamic between Daimon and Satana is definitely worth exploring.

Doctor Druid

Because Doctor Strange cannot be the only doctor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anthony Druid a.k.a Doctor Druid is a monster hunter in the Marvel mythos with a number of psionic supernatural abilities provided by The Ancient One. Druid's origins are Celtic in nature, and that would line up perfectly with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's own revised origins for The Ancient One. The framework is in place, Marvel; let's see it happen.

Hannibal King

The Marvel Cinematic Universe delved into the realm of film noir detective stories with last year's Jessica Jones, and the introduction of former vampire, Hannibal King, could allow the MCU to add a nice paranormal layer to that type of story. A supernatural detective who handles street-level mystic threats, King would make a perfect addition to the MCU by showcasing the more grounded side of magic. There's already a precedent for the character on the silver screen (Ryan Reynolds took on the part in Blade: Trinity) but we think it's time for Marvel Studios to give us a proper adaptation of the character.


Another supernatural character that hails from The Dark Dimension, Umar is a mystical villainess who is often depicted as a partner of Dormammu. Given the fact that Dormammu already appeared during the events of Doctor Strange, Umar would make a perfect villain to use in an eventual sequel, and her debut could help pave the way for Clea's eventual arrival as well. Umar is one of Doctor Strange's most iconic villains, and her arrival during Phase 4 would make perfect sense.


The beauty of a character like Man-Thing is that his origins would work perfectly within the current MCU continuity. A monstrous, humanoid creature, Man-Thing came into existence when Dr. Ted Sallis succumbed to an accident while trying to recreate Captain America' Super Soldier Serum. The resulting effects (a combination of chemicals and dark magic) turned the unfortunate doctor into a horrific swamp monster. Just don't confuse him with DC's Swamp Thing.


With the exception of Peter Parker, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn't really delved into many stories centering on notable young protagonists. That could very easily change with a story centering on William Kaplan a.k.a Wiccan. A troubled, LGBT teenager, Wiccan develops mysterious magical powers after Scarlet Witch uses her own abilities to heal him, endowing him with a wide variety of reality-warping talents. If Marvel wants to skew any future movies to a younger audience, there exist few young heroes more empathetic and relatable than Mr. Kaplan.


That's right, folks. After a long hiatus from the silver screen, we think it's time for the iconic vampire hunter to finally make his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The badass half-vampire has a penchant for stylish violence, as well as an incredibly passionate, built-in fan base that wants to see him return to the silver screen. Rumors have swirled recently that there may actually be plans for Blade in the works at Marvel Studios; let's keep our fingers crossed that Wesley Snipes is part of those plans.

Johnny Blaze

After Nicholas Cage's awful tenure as Johnny Blaze it's time for Marvel to finally do this demonic anti-hero justice. While the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider has carved out a proper niche for himself in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, many Marvel fans have longed to see a proper version of the fan-favorite version of The Rider, Johnny Blaze. That's the beauty of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it's entirely plausible for the motorcycle riding Johnny Blaze to take his rightful place on the silver screen, while Robbie Reyes continues his tenure on Marvel's television series.

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