By now, it has become fairly clear that DC fans are seriously excited for Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie. New details continue to trickle in regarding the mysterious project, and each new morsel of information only gets us more pumped. Batfleck has two successful stints as The Caped Crusader under his utility belt so far, and the future looks incredibly bright for this dark hero. That being said, the upcoming Batman movie has a long silver screen legacy to contend with.

With that in mind, Joe Manganiello's recent comments about the Batman movie have us scratching our heads. The Deathstroke actor has asserted that the upcoming film will be unlike any Batman movie in history. That's a tall order when we consider the fact that The Dark Knight is arguably the most well-worn comic book character in the history of cinema. To help Mr. Affleck out, we've compiled a list of ways for him to set his solo movie apart from everything that has come before him. Check out our entries and let us know what you think the upcoming Batman movie needs to do in order to keep itself distinct from its predecessors!

Move Away From Frank Miller

For decades, Frank Miller's dark and psychologically tormented version of The Caped Crusader has remained the go-to version of Batman on the silver screen. While it's certainly a tried and true method, we would like to see Ben Affleck strike out in a new direction and draw inspiration from other legendary Batman writers. From Scott Snyder's brooding, yet eternally optimistic, take on the character in The New 52 run to Grant Morrison's swashbuckling playboy version of Gotham's protector, it's all gold. Batfleck can still retain certain aspects of Miller's anguished version of the hero, but it's time to start drawing inspiration from other Batman creative legends.

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