The Minecraft Movie May Have Found Its First Star

The Minecraft adaptation has had some problems getting off the ground, as it's already had to change directors once in its short, but vaporous existence. However, it looks like the project will be moving forward after all, as Rob McElhenney's film directing debut may have just landed its first lead. If you're a Steve Carell fan, you're in luck, as the well-known comedy genius is talking with the right people to jump into the realm of Mojang's cultural phenomenon.

The Big Short Steve Carell

Variety broke the news, as Carell's name has apparently come out of the halls of Warner Bros as the anointed lead of the presumably CGI animated motion picture. Should he accept the role, Steve Carell could probably use the role as a pallet cleanser, as he's most recently been seen in Woody Allen's comedy Cafe Society, and has both Battle of the Sexes and Despicable Me 3 in his future in the meantime. With Minecraft, Carell would be launching himself into a new possible franchise, as Warner Bros is more than likely eyeing this film as their next family friendly franchise.

While Minecraft itself is a sandbox environment, there have been some storytelling exercises in the game's confines, thanks to Telltale Games' various Minecraft: Story Mode episodes. It's unclear if those episodes will serve as the inspiration for McElhenney and Carell's potential collaboration, but it's to be assumed that the script will be an original work. Still, if you take a look at the trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, you can see how a Minecraft movie might look.

Come to think of it, the format of CGI animation is a big assumption on our part, too. There's always the possibility that Warner Bros may opt for a motion capture experience in Minecraft's undertaking, or possibly a stylized live action approach. To be honest, there's no real wrong way to pursue this idea, but Steve Carell's casting would indicate that CGI animation is the best bet. His familiar and expressive voice is a surefire win in the casting department, and it may help attract fellow top tier cast members. Let's just hope some of them are pulled from the stellar cast of Minecraft: Story Mode.

Steve Carell can currently be seen in Cafe Society, which is currently available on various home platforms and formats; while Rob McElhenney can be seen on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's season premiere, which is set for January 4th.

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