Kingsman 2 Just Took A Step Backward

Kingsman Eggsy

Kingsman: The Secret Service proved to be a pleasant surprise in 2015, providing an exciting, tongue-in-cheek, R-rated, comic book-adapted romp amidst the PG-13 superhero fare. Being well-received both critically and commercially, it wasn't surprising that a sequel was ordered, which was later titled The Golden Circle. The next Kingsman adventure was at first intended to be one of the many blockbusters released during summer 2017, but now it's been moved to the fall of that same year.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was originally supposed to be released on June 16, 2017, but Fox announced (via BoxOffice) that it's delayed until October 6, 2017. While the date change may disappoint some fans who were looking forward to seeing the movie as soon as possible, since Kingsman: The Secret Service was released to the masses in early 2015, that means that its sequel should hopefully experience similar success in its fall spot, away from all the other highly-anticipated blockbusters hitting theaters in the summer. Kingsman: The Golden Circle will now go up against Blade Runner 2049 and My Little Pony: The Movie in that opening weekend.

This is just one of the many date tweaks 20th Century Fox has made recently. Yesterday, the studio revealed via a new poster that Alien: Covenant was moved up to May 19, 2017. Not long after, Fox announced that an untitled Lightstorm movie (which many suspect is Avatar 2) will be released on December 21, 2018, and they also scheduled two untitled Marvel movies for November 2, 2018 and February 14, 2019, respectively. These, along with all the other previously scheduled blockbusters, show that Fox has a variety of exciting fare coming out in the near future.

As far as Kingsman: The Golden Circle is concerned, this delay means that it will be even longer until we see these badass secret agents in action again. The sequel will see Taron Egerton's Eggsy, Mark Strong's Merlin and Sophie Cookson's Roxy traveling to the United States after the Kingsman headquarters is destroyed to team up with their American counterparts, Statesman. Some of the other returning cast include Edward Holcroft as Charlie Hesketh and, much to everyone's surprise given the events of the last movie, Colin Firth as Harry Hart, Eggsy's mentor. The new players being introduced include Julianne Moore as Poppy, the movie's main antagonist; Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal as Statesman agents; and Jeff Bridges as the head of Statesman. Elton John (seriously!) and Vinnie Jones will also appear.

As a reminder, Kingsman: The Golden Circle will now open in theaters on October 6, 2017, and since shooting wrapped in September, this means the post-production crew will have even longer to make any visual effects look even more dazzling, not to mention provide time for reshoots if necessary.

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