Will Deadpool 2 Get One Of These New Marvel Release Dates?

Deadpool 2

Fox just announced a bunch of new release dates for upcoming films, but in the case of their corner of Marvel franchise we got a couple new dates but no titles, so where does Deadpool 2 fit in? It's just about only Fox/Marvel movie that we know for sure is happening, but with the recent behind the scenes turmoil, we have no idea when we'll see it. Could it come on November 2, 2018, or a few months later on February 14, 2019?

Based on the fact that the first Deadpool movie was a huge success in February of this year, it would make a lot of sense if Fox is eyeing a release date around the same window for Deadpool 2. This would lead us to believe that the Valentine's Day date being reported by Variety could be all about Deadpool. Of course, putting the film over two years away is more than a little surprising considering that the sequel was given the greenlight before the first film even hit screens.

However, the recent departure of director Tim Miller likely set things back a bit. It appears that Miller and star Ryan Reynolds had been dealing with creative differences on the first film, and things just became too much of an issue in the lead up to the sequel. John Wick director David Leitch has been officially brought on board to helm the sequel but since many directors need to start essentially from scratch in order to build a movie the way they want to, it will likely be some time before Deadpool 2 is ready to pull the trigger on production.

If things to go into high gear sooner there are other potential dates for Deadpool 2. Both March 2 and June 29 of 2018 are also being held for unspecified Marvel projects from Fox. If Deadpool 2 is able to go into production early next year they could potentially hit one of those dates.

The only other Marvel movies coming from Fox that are on the horizon are New Mutants, which has a script but no actors or official release date, and Gambit, which has Channing Tatum waiting in the wings to play the role, but since the film can't hold on to a director to save its life, has zero forward momentum.

One wonders if the reason that none of these dates have specific titles attached is that Fox themselves doesn't know which movie will get which date. Maybe the first date will go to whichever movie is ready to go first. Even so, with only three official movies planned and four dates on the calendar it appears Fox has at least the beginning of a plan of what comes next. The dates are too close together for a sequel to any of the upcoming films to be in the cards already.

Do you really think we won't be getting Deadpool 2 until 2019? What else could be on the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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