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Transformers 5: The Major Moments The Last Knight Trailer Didn't Show

If you're looking for chaotic and visceral action, then it seems that Michael Bay has just the thing for you. After months of waiting, we finally received our first good look at the official trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight. It was loud, it was exciting, and it had just about everything we could've ever hoped for. Seriously, my heart is still pounding.

That being said, a few key Transformers elements were missing from this trailer. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of awesome moments and characters that will show up in The Last Knight, but didn't appear in the first trailer. There are only a few months left until this bombastic blockbuster finally debuts, and we genuinely cannot wait to see where the franchise goes from here. Now let's get started with one of the most intriguing and magical characters slated to appear in the next Transformers movie.

Transformers Merlin


One of the most fresh and exciting aspects of the upcoming Transformers sequel is the fact that some of the action will take place during the age of Camelot. This means that we will get a deeper look into the history of the Transformers' relationship to earth, and we will also get a look at the iconic wizard known as Merlin. Not much is known about the film's version of the character (there's even a case to be made that Anthony Hopkins' character may actually be Merlin), and the trailer's lack of definitive information hasn't helped. We want to see Merlin, and we want to see him in all of his wizard glory.

King arthur Transformers

King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table

Although the trailer definitely showcases some genuinely awesome medieval action, it still never really places any focus on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. We know that these legendary characters will factor into the mythology of The Last Knight, but as of right now the promotional material has shown us very little with regards to how their actions in the past affect the present. Incorporating an existing myth like King Arthur is a big step for the Transformers franchise as a whole, and we're dying to see how Michael Bay will pull it off.

Transformers Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Another bizarre time period that Transformers: The Last Knight has promised to explore is England circa WWII. We've known for some time that the film will definitely include Winston Churchill in these flashback sequences, but the marketing campaign for the movie has thus far kept him at a distance from audiences. Although we obviously don't want any major spoilers, we want the next trailer to provide considerably more insight into how the Transformers factor into the events of WWII. There was a brief shot of Nazi symbolism, followed by an explosion. Let these scenes breathe, Mr. Bay!

Onslaught Combaticons Transformers

Onslaught & The Combaticons

Without question, one of the most exciting aspects of The Last Knight is the prospect of some truly iconic Transformers making their way into the mix in the form of Onslaught and the Combaticons. The trailer definitely shows some solid action sequences between shape-shifting robots, but we never really get a good look at any of the villainous Transformers on screen; they're either obscured by explosions, or hidden by a very quick cut. It's great to see much of this trailer devoted to exposition and laying out the scope of the threat, but we're aching to see these legendary bad guys square off against the Autobots in an epic battle.

Hitler Nazis Transformers


Considering the fact that WWII and Winston Churchill will factor prominently into the narrative of The Last Knight, it only makes sense for the worst evil of the 20th century to pop up, as well. The trailer features one gloriously badass shot of a WWII battle -- with swastikas on full display -- but the terrifying leader of the Nazi party still hasn't been revealed yet. Reports from the set seem to indicate that these battle sequences will take place in an alternate timeline in which the Nazis successfully invaded Great Britain, so there's really no telling what Hitler will be up to when he finally appears on screen.

Transformers the last knight hot rod

Hot Rod

Out of all the Autobots currently slated to appear during the events of Transformers: The Last Knight, we are arguably most excited to get our first real glimpse at Hot Rod. Despite the fact that he's a fan favorite member of the team, he has never appeared in a live-action Transformers film before, making his inevitable debut that much more enticing. A brash, and somewhat arrogant Autobot, Hot Rod is a close friend of Bumblebee, as well as an apprentice of Optimus Prime. Considering the fact that Optimus and Bee go head to head during the events of this trailer, he likely has a very personal stake in this battle.

Transformers Reaction Force

The Transformers Reaction Force

Out of all the additions to the Transformers mythology that will debut during the events of The Last Knight, the human storyline that has us most excited is the introduction of The Transformers Reaction Force. Primarily a mercenary force, this paramilitary organization is tasked with the mission of eradicating Transformers wherever they find them -- regardless of whether or not they are evil. It's an interesting development that adds a nice layer of nuance to the humans in the story, and it also will give our human characters a bit more to do when the bullets start flying.

Stanley Tucci Transformers

Stanley Tucci

Just like Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager, Stanley Tucci's Joshua Joyce is a character who made his debut during Transformers: Age of Extinction, and is slated to make his return when The Last Knight finally premieres in theaters. Beginning his existence as a villain, Joshua Joyce eventually went on to see the error of his ways during the events of Age of Extinction, and he seemed to be on a major redemptive path last time we saw him. We haven't seen Joyce in any of The Last Knight's marketing materials yet, but we generally expect the first glimpse we see to show him tentatively fighting with the good guys.

John Turturro Transformers

John Turturro

Another returning cast member, John Turturro's Seymour Simmons has become one of the best sources of comic relief in the entire Transformers franchise. The Sector Seven agent did not appear during the events of Age of Extinction, but he's currently listed as a member of The Last Knight's central cast. Aside from the additional layer of comedy that he brings to the table, Turturro's return also further bridges the gap between the first three films in the Transformers franchise with its new Mark Wahlberg-centric direction.

Tyrese Transformers


Then we have Tyrese Gibson, who is slated to return to the franchise as Sargent Robert Epps. The omission of Gibson from the trailer seems somewhat curious, as his close friend and brother in arms, William Lennox (Josh Duhamel), features quite prominently. Lennox's involvement in the first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight is almost entirely based in action sequences, so we have a distinct feeling that Epps will similarly find himself once again thrown headfirst into battle with the shape-shifting robots.

Transformers Squeeks


Technically the trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight does give us a brief look of this new, little Transformer, but it's barely a glimpse and clearly designed to tease us. As one of the newest additions to the Transformers lore, Squeeks seems to lack the firepower of his larger brethren, but he more than makes up for it by being all sorts of adorable. If he's successful, this cute new Transformer could even Star Wars' BB-8 a run for its money.

What elements from Transformers: The Last Knight are you most excited to see? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! The next installment in the Transformers franchise will hit theaters on June 23, 2017! And watch that trailer again on the next page!

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