If you're looking for chaotic and visceral action, then it seems that Michael Bay has just the thing for you. After months of waiting, we finally received our first good look at the official trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight. It was loud, it was exciting, and it had just about everything we could've ever hoped for. Seriously, my heart is still pounding.

That being said, a few key Transformers elements were missing from this trailer. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of awesome moments and characters that will show up in The Last Knight, but didn't appear in the first trailer. There are only a few months left until this bombastic blockbuster finally debuts, and we genuinely cannot wait to see where the franchise goes from here. Now let's get started with one of the most intriguing and magical characters slated to appear in the next Transformers movie.


One of the most fresh and exciting aspects of the upcoming Transformers sequel is the fact that some of the action will take place during the age of Camelot. This means that we will get a deeper look into the history of the Transformers' relationship to earth, and we will also get a look at the iconic wizard known as Merlin. Not much is known about the film's version of the character (there's even a case to be made that Anthony Hopkins' character may actually be Merlin), and the trailer's lack of definitive information hasn't helped. We want to see Merlin, and we want to see him in all of his wizard glory.

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