Transformers: The Last Knight Has Added A New Robotic Villain

If there's one thing you can always count on when it comes to Transformers, it's the fact that there's typically more to them than meets the eye. With Transformers: The Last Knight slated to hit theaters next year, things are bound to get even nastier as the chaos ensues. With that in mind, Michael Bay has just taken to Twitter to share the first official look at the villain for Transformers 5. Check out the picture below to see for yourself.

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It's a fairly unassuming tweet, and definitely one hinting at all of the chaos and destruction that we have come to know from the series. That being said, fans of Transformers will instantly recognize the name Onslaught and realize that some bad things are coming to the Transformers universe. All in all he maintains a fairly accurate representation of his depiction from the source material; everything from the general color of his truck to the militaristic sensibility of his appearance feels true to form for this particular Transformers character.

Fans of the Transformers universe already can tell that Michael Bay and the rest of the crew behind Transformers: The Last Knight have dug deep into the Transformers lore for this one. The presence of Onslaught seemingly confirms that the next Transformers movie will introduce the Combaticons. This particular group of evil shape-shifting alien robots represents a sub faction of the Decepticons; they're unassuming forms take the shape of military vehicles -- often missile launchers -- and they have the ability to come together to form the behemoth Bruticus. Think Voltron only insanely evil.

Transformers Bruticus

The Transformers franchise has done quite a bit with regards to branching out into new directions over the course of the last couple of movies. Along with the impending introduction of the Combaticons in The Last Knight, Transformers: Age of Extinction similarly provided an introduction for the Dinobots. Rumors have swirled over the last year that the filmmakers intend on creating a unified Transformers cinematic universe, so it would make sense to get all of the necessary pieces onto the board before proceeding with that sort of creative endeavor.

For anybody who grew up watching Transformers or playing with the toys, the promise of Onslaught and the rest of the Combaticons making a debut on the silver screen is nothing short of exhilarating. We will bring you all of the coolest details related to the upcoming release of Transformers: The Last Knight as more information becomes available to us. The latest installment in Michael Bay's Transformers franchise will blast its way into theaters next summer on June 23, 2017.

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