Transformers 5 Just Revealed Its Newest Transformer, Check Out The Photos

We've seen a lot of casting news involving the humans who will be involved in Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, we have our first piece of casting news regarding a new robot being added to the mix. While the majority of the Transformers are massive robots, or at the very least, tough looking, the newest addition to the Transformers cast doesn't look particularly powerful. It does look kind of cute, though.

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Last night on his Facebook page, Transformers: The Last Knight director Michael Bay posted a pair of images of the newest member of the robots in disguise. This is Squeeks. Seen alongside Isabella Moner, Squeeks appears to be a moped, or some kind of scooter. Possibly even a small motorcycle. What is clear is that Squeeks has seen better days. Parts of the robot's body have been eaten through with rust. We're going to guess that Squeeks is going to play the cute, comic relief character, but we're just spitballing here.

We can also make some logical assumptions about how Squeeks will be introduced. Michael Bay and Isabella Moner have other junk cars behind them in the image, so we can guess that Moner's character will discover Squeeks among the other wrecks. We'll assume that she was looking for the transportation, probably not the Transformer. Although, if Squeeks has been rusting out in the junkyard for the last four movies, we're very curious what happened there.

One thing we don't know about Squeeks yet is potentially important. Who will be the voice of the little robot? It seems clear that Sqeeks is here to play the "cute robot with the teenage sidekick" and if the voice of Squeeks is half as cute as the character is trying to be, this could turn into a really long movie. As Isabella Moner's character has been described as one of the "leads" of Transformers: The Last Knight we're going to guess this pair will be a major part of the plot.

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So, with a new cute human and a new cute robot, Transformers: The Last Knight moves forward toward its summer 2017 release date. What do you think of the newest member of the Transformers family? Is this little guy the thing the franchise needs? Would you describe him more as Wall-E inspired, or Short Circuit inspired?

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