Emma Stone's Cruella De Vil Movie Is One Step Closer To Happening

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is riding a spectacular wave at the moment. Her award-winning musical, La La Land, and her specific performance in said crowd-pleaser is being feted by various groups as we build to the Oscars. Audiences always want to know what you are going to do next, and it looks like Stone may be jumping from a Hollywood musical to a classic Disney villain, if plans lock into place.

Emma Stone's name has been attached to a live-action Cruella De Vil movie for some time, once again bringing the Dalmatian hating tycoon to life on the big screen. Now, Deadline reports that the origin story of Cruella De Vil is courting Mozart In The Jungle filmmaker Alex Timbers for the directing gig, with the intention of starting production early in 2017. What's fairly interesting about this potential hire is that Disney and Timbers have history. He was due to direct the stage adaptation of Disney's Frozen, which is on its way to Broadway. But they parted ways, despite the fact that Timbers is a two-time Tony Award nominee. Still, it sounds like Disney respected him enough to keep him on a short list, and so long as negotiations come together, Cruella could be underway before we know it.

Cruella De Vil Glenn Close

Obviously, this isn't the first time that Disney brought Cruelle De Vil to life in a live-action format. Glenn Close notoriously played the sinister villain in two live-action Dalmatian films in the late 1990s and 2000. But Disney's also going through their back catalogue and looking for new ways to bring classic animated movies back to theaters. The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are going through live-action revitalizations, and this follows Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book, which was a massive hit for the studio.

How do we feel about a live-action Cruella De Vil movie? I don't know if we need it, but casting Emma Stone in practically anything gets us interested, and if you are going to hand her a deliciously mean role, I'd be anxious to see how she plays against type to pull it off. Disney's landing her at a very good time, as it's possible she might be able to put Academy Award Winner on the top of that Cruella poster if and when the movie comes out.

We'll continue to keep you posted on any significant developments on Disney and Emma Stone's Cruella De Vil movie. For now, how do you feel about them even doing it? Weigh in below.

Sean O'Connell
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