Hidden Figures To Hold A Special Screening With Michelle Obama At The White House

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the little-known story about the African American women who were involved in the early days of NASA. The film is receiving early screenings in order to be eligible for awards, but one of those screenings is more high profile than the others. First Lady Michelle Obama is hosting a special screening of the film at the White House today. In addition to the first lady, the real Katherine Johnson, who is played in the film by Taraji P. Henson, will be in attendance.

Hidden Figures is set for a limited Christmas Day release in order to be considered for year-end awards like the Oscars. It will see a wide release on January 6. However, before all that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be a special screening at the White House. The movie will be even more resonate now than it might have otherwise been. The film tells the story of John Glenn's historic orbiting of the earth. The former Astronaut and U.S. Senator recently passed away.

The fact that African American women were involved in the space program in the 1960s is one of those stories that not only are most people unaware of, it's also the sort of story that doesn't seem likely considering the state of race relations in the decade. That makes it all the more important that the story be told. The First Family clearly has a desire to help spread the word of the film as much as possible. Apparently, Michelle Obama has already seen the movie once already. Whether or not the President of the United States will be in attendance is unknown. We'd assume he'll sneak in if he has the time, but as President, it's surprising the guy has the time to watch a movie anytime in eight years.

The story of these women is so unknown that the stars themselves have lamented that they never heard the story growing up. Considering how important it is for many to promote STEM fields to girls of all ethnicities, hopefully, movies like Hidden Figures will help to be sure that this story isn't lost to future generations.

Those of us not lucky enough to score an invite to the White House screening will need to at least wait for Christmas Day to check out Hidden Figures. Will you be spending the holiday learning about this part of history you were previously unfamiliar with?

Dirk Libbey
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