Key And Peele's Obama Anger Translator Showed Up At The White House Correspondent Dinner

President Obama brought the funny at the White House Correspondent Dinner, thanks to his Anger Translator. That’s right, the Key and Peele character, Luther, made an appearance at the prestigious event to assist President Obama with his speech, and it was hilarious. Take a look.

In the C-SPAN video, taken from last night’s White House Correspondent Dinner, President Obama invited his Anger Translator to lend a hand with his closing speech. The audience immediately erupted into laughter and applause in anticipation of what the hysterical Luther was going to say and/or do. It was the perfect solution to the even the President’s tensions between himself and the press, humor.

Before he uttered his first words, Luther met the audience with a striking glare, seemingly repressing some anger from the onset. Then the Key and Peele character started his bit with the opener “hold on to your lily white butts,” and the crowd ate up every word. The President, however, maintained a stoic look on his face so as not to give away the fact that he too was probably enjoying that moment as well; maybe even more so than everyone else, but he couldn’t let that on of course.

Within minutes, Luther began to angrily translate Obama’s speech. The Key and Peele character led his hysterical rant with his first concern—or was it the President’s?—which was why he was forced to attend the White House Correspondent Dinner in the first place. He then hilariously posed the question: “do we really want to do this?” The audience laughed, perhaps in agreement before the President continued to justify the dinner by acknowledging “the importance of the press in a shedding light on the most important issues of today.” To which the Angry Translator followed up with personal attacks on both Fox News and CNN. The address to Fox News was more direct with: “and we can count on Fox News to terrify old white people with some nonsense,” while the address to CNN was more broad, attacking their coverage on Ebola cases for inciting increased fear of a Walking Dead-like apocalypse. Many in the audience laughed, while President Obama remained stoic. But, the President and Luther were just getting started.

By the end of the speech, the President had covered topics like Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and global warming before going off on his own rant, to which the Key and Peele character had to step in to calm down him down. The role reversal was arguably the funniest moment from the entire speech. Even Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox is caught on camera standing up to show her support for the President after his funny moment, which also prompted Luther’s swift exit.

If you haven’t had enough Luther, you can catch more of him when Key and Peele returns to Comedy Central on July 8.