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Awesome Marvel Fireplace Videos Instantly Put You In The Holiday Spirit

There's nothing quite like a roaring fire on a cold winter's night, but since many of us don't own fireplaces we need to find other ways of enjoying the experience. Marvel hasn't just found a way to change how you enjoy the holidays but also a way to change who you are while you enjoy them. The studio has created a collection of burning fire videos that don't just give you a fire to sit in front of, but a superhero's living room to enjoy the fire in.

A collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and Coca-Cola has created Yule Log style videos set inside the homes of five major Marvel characters: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ms. Marvel. The New Jersey home of Ms. Marvel is an interesting choice as the rest have more name recognition due to their film properties but it's nice to see the addition made. There are 10 videos in total on Marvel's YouTube page. one shows a wide shot that shows off the location that the fire is in. You can see Captain America's classic WWII shield above the fire or get a look at where Thor relaxes in Asgard when he's not off saving the universe. There are also five videos that give you a close-up on the fire if you're looking for the more traditional yule log experience. Although technically, the Guardians of the Galaxy video doesn't have an actual fire, because fires aboard spaceships are generally to be avoided.

At about an hour in length, these videos will give you plenty of time to enjoy the fire. The versions that show off the whole apartment are also done at 4K resolution, so if you have a screen capable of displaying it, you can get a remarkable image from it. It's also fun to check out the miniature model sets that were created. Many of them have cool stuff to look at. Tony Stark's home is especially interesting. He appears to have a picture of Black Widow near his bed and he buys his pizza from a place that looks to have borrowed its logo from the Avengers. Captain America keeps photos of Peggy Carter in his home and listens to music on his record player, which appears to be running, because of course, the guy hasn't found streaming music yet. Ms. Marvel has thrown her costume on the sofa but her mask sits on the coffee table.

If you're the sort that likes to throw on those yule log videos on TV, and they can be legitimately relaxing, then this is hardly the worst way to do it. We may find ourselves curling up in front of Steve Rogers fire ourselves this holiday season. How about you.

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